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From Christmas Trees to Candle Holders: Holiday Gifts for the Hostess

by Karen Parr-Moody 01 Dec 2021

At GasLamp, we’re partial to Christmas gifts that err on the side of the uncommon – especially for the hostess who seemingly has it all. You know this gal: She entertains fearlessly and seemingly owns every whatnot and gewgaw necessary to throw a fabulous party. Never fear. This holiday season at GasLamp, you’ll find all of the out-of-the-ordinary hostess gifts that wrapping paper can wrap, ranging from vintage to modern.


So, what sort of wouldn’t-have-guessed-that hostess gifts does GasLamp have? Everything, darlings! These finds range from vintage Christmas ornaments (GasLamp always has heaps) to high-end soy-based candles. These are the gifts your favorite hostess didn’t even know she needed (i.e., the best kind). Here, a sampling of curated selections for every hostess with the mostess.


Any hostess loves a candle with a long burn time (better for multiple parties, naturally). Soy wax candles provide twice as much burn time as cheaper paraffin candles, so they reign supreme. That’s one reason we love Paddywax Apothecary candles, like the customer favorite Tobacco & Patchouli: The 8-ounce candles can burn for a whopping 56 hours ($24; Booth T-150).

There are many reasons to love Paddywax Apothecary candles, the main one being they’re hand-poured in Nashville. Also, the fragrance is luxurious and sophisticated, and the candles come in enchanting apothecary-style jars designed for re-use. At Booth T-150, you can find a selection of Paddywax candles in different scents.



No hostess worth her Le Creuset Dutch oven would erect just one Christmas tree. A primo hostess usually has a trio (at least), and she would surely appreciate another one as a gift. Enter this snow-flocked charmer whose base is a slice of wood with the bark left intact ($18; T-389). Your favorite hostess will put it to good use for every Christmas – and perhaps beyond if she’s at the top of her game.



GasLamp is always awash with “smalls” – those petite, inexpensive items with big personalities. These always make the perfect thinking-of-you gift, and the holiday season at GasLamp brings out the best of them. “Smalls” easily become an inexpensive gift for that hard-to-satisfy hostess. This one is heartwarming, as it features an old-fashioned Santa Claus giving a doll to a little girl dressed in a blue swing coat and matching cap and mittens. (At $3.50, this figurine is an absolute steal at Booth B-125).



Women earn the “hostess” badge by creating interiors that inspire conviviality and calm, depending on their objective. For calm, look no further than this chic and distinctly modern selenite crystal candle holder ($45; T-355). Selenite is a crystalline mineral that glows warmly when a candle is placed in its carved center.



This ceramic spoon rest is a classic Christmas look from artist, designer and ceramicist Molly Hatch ($12; Booth T-258). Molly Hatch began her career as a studio potter, and pieces like this spoon rest with a hand-drawn Christmas tree reveal her artisan roots and rustic sensibility. This spoon rest is generously sized to fit large utensils.

Holiday parties are about food, flowers and cocktails, but they are also about getting invested in the loveliness of holiday décor. The shimmering soirées hosted by your fellow hostesses will become transcendent when adorned with flowers, candlelight, wine and vintage finds.
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