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Christmas Gifts for Her: Vintage Bracelets

by Karen Parr-Moody 07 Dec 2021

In our humble opinion, the tinkling melody of a charm bracelet sounds more beautiful when the charms are at least a few decades old. Imagination? We think not.


At GasLamp, we’ve always known that an antique bracelet makes for a memorable Christmas gift, its craftsmanship and artfulness defining it as an instant heirloom. Plus, easy-to-wear bracelets go with everything.

The timeless design of vintage bracelets is a pleasure to display on one’s wrist. And since a vintage bracelet is a one-of-a-kind design, it’s the perfect gift for the hard-to-please niece, sister-in-law, wife or daughter.

Here, we’ve rounded up some bracelet staples – charm bracelets, tennis bracelets and bangles – for Christmas gift-giving.  


Tennis bracelets are easily one of the most gifted jewelry items for women. This classic tennis bracelet serves up red rubies with exceptional brilliance and glittering diamonds in 14-karat white-gold fittings ($1,500; Booth S-530). This bracelet, discovered at an estate sale, includes 7.25 carats of rubies and 31 diamonds equaling .60 carats.


A charm bracelet is a must-have for any jewelry collection. Here’s a Victorian gold-filled charm bracelet that features antique fobs that once hung from pocket watch chains ($495; Booth S-505). This absolute treasure of a bracelet also features a locket and tiny shields—what a gorgeous gift for some lucky lady.


Three garnets and scrollwork adorn this hinged bangle bracelet from the Victorian era ($165; Booth S-506). The bright, gold-filled metal is silky smooth with a slightly frosted finish. This antique bangle is a wearable work of art, perfect as a Christmas gift for a lady with true style.


This vintage Chinese export bangle bracelet is made of genuine jade in a rich emerald color ($300; Booth S-540). It features 14-karat-gold findings on the clasp and hinge that are faintly stamped with floral motifs; this was a typical style for Chinese export pieces of the 1940s. This midcentury modern bangle is in excellent condition: The jade’s surface gleams with a high polish, and the bracelet’s clasp features the original safety chain.


This sterling silver charm bracelet – created by some adventurous traveler decades ago – follows a travel theme ($88; Booth S-115). The vintage charms include an España shield, a poodle, a frog, a palm tree, the Eiffel Tower, Murano glass and dice. At $88, this is a unique and inexpensive gift for a niece or daughter.


Four cabochon-cut pieces of jade adorn this vintage Chinese silver bracelet ($225; Booth S-115). Designed in a tubular bangle style, the bracelet is silver and is topped with blue and turquoise cloisonné enamel flowers and leaves. The bracelet is likely a piece of Chinese export silver.


This vintage flower link bracelet is made of sterling silver and features motifs that were popular in Midcentury Modern jewelry, including wheat sheaves ($95; Booth B-106). This bracelet is an unusual piece for the woman whose jewelry wardrobe is built on sterling silver.

While these pieces were available when I penned this post, antique jewelry is one of a kind, so once it’s gone, it’s gone! If you see something she will love, don’t wait – I don’t need to remind you that Christmas is right around the corner.
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