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Getting Cozy with Vintage this Fall

by Karen Parr-Moody 19 Nov 2021

At GasLamp, our hundreds of booths change each season to feature the best vintage and antique finds to fit the moment. As we currently transition into chillier and chillier weather, the booths answer our craving for the coziest of all things vintage, such as throws, pillows and rugs. Naturally, warm textures and colors also arrive, including fur, darker woods, and deep tones.


Right now, GasLamp’s array of fall vintage finds includes everything from luxurious furs to snuggly rugs. They’re perfect for creating a warm and charming home where friends gather for conversation, conviviality and living in the moment.


Stay warm by slipping into this glamorous fox-fur coat ($595; Booth B-210). Two types of fur create this coat: the blue fox for the body and the Scandinavian shadow fox for the shawl collar. The combination gives this coat a wonderfully thick and soft feel and the visual contrast between natural off-white and light gray coloring. This vintage fur could easily last 20 more years if properly cared for. Christmas gift, anyone?


Want to get closer to the fire? Then roll over on this skirted ottoman with wheels ($68; B306). This square ottoman in rich, fall colors brings a warm expression and a world-traveler vibe to a room. The ikat fabric used on this stool looks authentic and tribal, as it was made by the tied-yarn dye-resist technique specific to Central Asia (a bit of trivia: Ikat is an Indonesian word that means “bind”).  


Latch-hooked rugs became popular in 1930s America and are still desired today for their soft, supple and durable makeup. Back then, hand-hooking a rug was an economical alternative to purchasing a high-quality carpet, which was a luxury item for the time. What’s more, home crafters could reuse scraps of wool or fabric from other projects.  

This vintage hooked rug features a floral center and scrolled border ($49; B-324). The rich colors fit into fall’s palette, and the well-balanced design makes it a work of art that warms the feet.

1960s CHAIRS

It seems like everyone’s grandparents or great-grandparents had a pair of these tufted back chairs. When these chairs were made, they were usually upholstered in velvet in one of the popular colors of the late 1960s and early 1970s – mustard, avocado green or orange. Fortunately, these midcentury modern chairs have been re-upholstered in a classic cream fabric ($439; Booth B-115). The high back and the extra padding make this pair of chairs a solid choice for comfortably surviving cold weather.


Collectors of midcentury-modern furniture highly prize creations by American industrial designer Arthur Umanoff (1923 to 1985), and this pair of slatted swivel barstools is no exception ($299; Booth B-208). These iconic stools feature an iron base and bentwood slatted seats. These barstools reflect warmth and practicality and are imbued with functional details yet retain a sense of natural elegance due to their slender, tapered lines.

Fall is the perfect time to feather your nest with cozy finds. So, head on over to GasLamp, where you’ll feel warmer in no time.
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