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Find Rare and Unexpected Holiday Gifts at Nashville’s GasLamp Antiques

by Karen Parr-Moody 15 Dec 2023
Antiques are the quintessential one-of-a-kind gifts for the holidays. GasLamp Antiques stocks thousands of these hard-to-find treasures every December for shoppers seeking unique history in a gift. In GasLamp’s 300-plus antique booths, shoppers discover gifts far off the beaten path that will delight those who receive them.

A Rare French Chocolate Crate Awaits at GasLamp Antiques

This antique French chocolate crate is rarer than rare. Stenciled into the crate’s sides are the words “Le Royal Chocolat,” a crown motif, and the chocolatier’s name, Lavril & Cie. Royal Chocolat was a brand of French chocolate produced by Lavril & Cie in the early 19th century in the charming Normandy village of Saint-Aquilin-de-Pacy. Lavril & Cie also occupied a Parisian location at Les Halles, the famous fresh food market.
This crate will be an out-of-the-ordinary gift for a Francophile, chocolate lover, or anyone who loves antiques with a story behind them ($265; Booth B-245 at the original GasLamp Antiques store).

GasLamp Antiques Offers Vintage Christmas Décor
Consider putting this vintage Santa blow mold under someone’s tree to go retro with gift-giving. The American company Union originally produced this style of Santa, holding his Naughty or Nice List, in 1970. The 4-foot-tall character has arrived in various incarnations in the decades since, emitting an unmistakable glow through its incandescent bulbs. This blow mold is the perfect gift for someone who collects vintage Christmas decorations ($225; Booth T-135 at GasLamp Too).

Give a Romantic Ring from GasLamp Antiques

In the holiday song “Santa Baby,” Eartha Kitt purred that she wanted “one little thing – a ring” for Christmas. GasLamp Antiques stocks enough vintage jewelry to trim Rockefeller Center’s famous Christmas Tree during the holidays – and rings are popular gifts through Valentine’s Day.
Inspired by Cartier’s classic style, this rolling eternity ring is fashioned from bands of 14-karat gold in rose, yellow and white tones. Dozens of pavé diamonds cover the bands, making this ring perfect for an engagement, anniversary or “just because” gift ($1,845 at Showcase S-520; size 6 ½).

This Art Deco Ring Reigns Supreme at GasLamp Antiques
Fabricated in platinum, this is an authentic Art Deco ring from the 1920s filled with glittering diamonds and channel-set rubies. Its elongated base is a design called a “dinner ring.” During the early 19th century, dinner rings arrived as a style of right-hand, non-engagement rings similar to cocktail rings but less showy. This elongated design, a “north to south” style, is most notably associated with dinner rings: It stretches along the finger’s length rather than around its circumference. This ruby-and-diamond ring’s intricate, geometric design is distinctively Art Deco ($1,525 at Showcase S-520).

Antique Coca-Cola Sign Features the “New Betty”
This large tin lithograph sign was one of the last Coca-Cola produced before America got involved in World War II. Made in September 1941, this sign features a flirtatious young lady drinking a Coke; the soda maker officially called her the “New Betty.” This sign is perfect for those who prefer a shabby-chic style ($589; Booth T-365 at GasLamp Too).

If you seek uniqueness in a gift, GasLamp Antiques is the place to shop. The two stores, located at 120 Powell Place and 128 Powell Place, are right around the corner from each other for shopping ease.
Product photos by Chris Beasley; featured image by Mick Haupt for Unsplash.
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