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Celebrate the Holidays with Treasures from Nashville’s GasLamp Antiques

by Karen Parr-Moody 17 Nov 2023

The seasonal holidays from Thanksgiving through Christmas are a canvas for turning hospitality into an art form. At Nashville’s two GasLamp Antiques stores, one-of-a-kind finds — from a Baccarat chandelier to a baby grand piano — are just two of many extraordinary items to heighten the holiday mood. 

A Baccarat Chandelier Glistens at GasLamp Antiques

The crystals of this 18-light Baccarat chandelier create an unmistakable sparkle for which France’s foremost crystal maker is known. Wouldn’t it perfectly illuminate your holiday table? This model dates to the 19th century and features Baccarat’s exquisite craftsmanship. 

The chandelier’s two-tiered frame supports ten upswept swirl arms. The crystal drops and finial ball bottom sparkle dazzlingly. Greek key etchings infuse the chandelier with neoclassic beauty. This breathtaking piece exemplifies why Baccarat chandeliers hang in noble European estates and luxury hotels worldwide ($18,750 at Booth T-134).

GasLamp Antiques Features Six Chairs From an 1830s Estate

Look no further than these six American Renaissance dining chairs to seat guests with full-fledged flair this holiday season. Crafted of carved mahogany, these historic chairs date to the late 19th century and boast an unusual provenance, that of the landmark Bocage Plantation in Darrow, Louisiana. The historic home, built in 1837, remains a stellar example of Greek Revival architecture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Each chair features a scrolled crest decorated with opposing dolphins and foliate designs. The slender legs taper to blocked feet with casters. Each chair’s height is 41.5 inches, with a width of 19.5 inches and a depth of 21 inches. After all, a holiday meal tastes better from glamorous perches ($1,495 at Booth T-400).

’Tis the Season for Tickling the Ivories

 This rare 1929 Kimball baby grand piano at GasLamp Too will imbue any room with exquisite tunes. The piano features ivory keys and 22-karat gold accents on a walnut body. The instrument was rebuilt, re-strung, restored in 2005, and tuned to the universal pitch standard of 440 Hz. It’s a dreamy piano for students and seasoned players alike. The $11,850 price includes local and standard delivery and first tuning. 

Taxidermy Pheasants Fight Gracefully at GasLamp Antiques

This elegant pair of fighting pheasants will upgrade any mantle or dining table. The taxidermy birds, Ringneck Pheasants, feature splendid coloring and dramatic plumage. While some taxidermy birds are styled demurely, this duo’s wings spread dramatically to create a scene from the wild brought to life. It will be a conversation starter at any festive affair ($600 at Booth T-370). 

Festive Accessories Heighten the Holiday Mood

Creating a holiday mood doesn’t require a home decor overhaul. Adding festive touches via holiday-themed pillows, throws and floral arrangements is an easy way to summon the season. Both GasLamp Antiques stores are filled with such accents. Quilts are one of many examples found in an array of holiday colors. This vintage quilt is fashioned from brown and orange fabric, underscoring autumn’s color palette. Designed in a variation of the famous Carolina Lily pattern, this quilt will dress up any sofa or bed ($165 at Booth B-109). 

The two GasLamp Antiques stores are known for supplying treasures year-round, but during the holiday seasons, the owners of the 350 booths throw in everything but the kitchen sink. It’s the best time of year to find one-of-a-kind antiques, collectibles and decor items. 

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