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Put a Ring on It: GasLamp’s One-of-a-Kind Rings Are Uncommon Valentine’s Day Gifts

by Karen Parr-Moody 29 Jan 2024

GasLamp Antiques is known throughout Nashville for its one-of-a-kind home furnishings and collectibles – and it’s also a go-to spot for Valentine’s Day shoppers who want to find unusual rings, earrings and necklaces. The antique dealers who sell jewelry at GasLamp scour estate sales and rare collections to fill their showcases with wholly unique jewelry selections.

An Exquisite Victorian Set of Carved Cameo Jewelry

This exceedingly rare set of earrings and brooch is of the style seen in the late 1800s when Victorians loved to wear ornate jewelry. These pearlescent cameos are carved with the cameos of ancient Greek beauties. A draped neckline and a Grecian tiara made of eucalyptus leaves adorn each woman. Scrolls and beaded bands frame the matching cameos (set in 12-karat and 9-karat gold; $1,200; T-2022 at GasLamp Too).

A Modern Ring with a Creative Design 

An Eye-Catching Opal-and-Diamond Ring

The opal in this ring contains vivid streaks that look like green lightning bolts in a faraway cloud. The convex face of the opal, in a “cabochon” cut rather than a faceted one, allows this play of color to be easily seen. The opal is encased in a 14-karat yellow-gold setting with a 1.4-carat swirl of diamonds in a G color and a VS1 clarity grade, both quality indicators. The seller of this ring, a jewelry expert, can give interested shoppers documentation about the ring’s characteristics and qualities as determined by the Gemological Institute of America ($2,400; S-520 at the original GasLamp Antiques).

Three Rows of Sparkling Diamonds

This diamond ring boasts 17 sparkling stones: Five large ones are in the center, flanked by six on either side. With a 14-karat white gold setting, this vintage ring would work perfectly as an engagement or anniversary ring. It contains 1.71 total carat weight, and the seller can provide an appraisal ($3,998; S-506-L at the original GasLamp Antiques).

A Ruby Ring for Dinner – and Beyond

This authentic Art Deco ring from the 1930s was designed with diamond rounds and lab-created rubies. The setting is an elongated design called a “dinner ring” that runs along the finger’s length, as opposed to the style called a “cocktail ring.” It’s yet another unique choice for Valentine’s Day gifting ($995 at Showcase S-560). 

A Red Ruby for the King of Your Heart

If you’ve ever shopped for a vintage men’s ring, you know it’s hard to find one a man can wear every day without looking too flashy. This ruby ring is ideal. The setting is made of 10-karat yellow gold and holds a lab-grown, emerald-cut ruby whose facets provide a tasteful amount of sparkle. Rubies come in many colors, and this ring’s stone lies between pigeon-blood red and pinkish red ($750; T-2022 at GasLamp Too).

GasLamp Too and the original GasLamp Antiques store carry a pirate’s treasure chest of rings. So, if you seek a unique gift for your special Valentine, you won’t be disappointed. Here, Cupid will whisper the most creative gift ideas in your ear. 

Product photos by Rusti Green; title photo by Coco Tafoya for Unsplash.


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