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Curating a Home with Classic Pieces from Different Eras

by Karen Parr-Moody 18 Aug 2022

A well-curated home tells a story of your history and memories by mixing antique and vintage décor from different decades. Such a home also reflects a personal style you won’t see elsewhere. Combining antique and contemporary furniture with mid-century designs creates a unique, multi-layered space.


Fusing the elements through GasLamp and GasLamp Too finds is easy. Together, these stores contain 50,000 square feet of furnishings ranging from the 1700s to the modern-day age. There’s something for everything; trust us.

Vintage 1970s Brass Chest

The glam of this vintage 1970s brass chest punctuates a room ($795; GasLamp Antiques B-113). This gleaming chest is a signature piece made for Sarreid, a leading furniture company founded in Spain. It features a handmade, solidly constructed case that houses three handy drawers. This brass chest would work well in various interior styles, including contemporary, Mid-century Modern, and Hollywood Regency.

Blue Velvet Ada Armchair

Don’t forget the velvet; it’s luxurious and timeless. GasLamp currently has two best-selling armchairs from Mitchell Gold-Bob Williams’ popular Ada Collection (sold separately for $545 each; GasLamp Antiques B-306). Proudly crafted by hand in North Carolina, each chair is upholstered in a high-quality crushed velvet in a versatile slate blue. Built on tapered legs, each chair is tall and slender and features low, sloping arms that fit easily under a dining table, vanity, or desk. This modern-traditional chair is so compact and comfortable it will work anywhere.

Vintage 1920s Wool Turkish Rug

This gorgeous Persian rug reflects the beauty and design of the Middle East of the 1920s when a weaver crafted it by hand in some far-flung Turkish village ($359; Gaslamp Antiques B208; approximately 3 by 5 feet). Made from wool and colored with vegetable dyes, this small carpet is populated with complex motifs. It is in excellent condition, is durable and luxurious, and will pop in any room you set it in.

Mid-Century Modern Teak Chair Set

New teak exists, but it’s not the same quality as what frames these stunning mid-century modern chairs. Younger teak doesn’t have that tight grain that old-growth teak possesses, with its dense grain and rich luster. Teak was a sought-after material among mid-century modern designers who gave it a gorgeous sheen by hand sanding and oiling it.

Jaclyn Cole transformed these six chairs with her refined technique honed from years of studying with the best upholsterers in town. She reupholstered these mid-century modern chairs in a Crypton fabric and cut new foam for the seating. Crypton is a high-performance fabric crafted to resist and repel stains, moisture and bacteria so that these chairs can be used in a residential or hospitality setting.

Rebecca Pitcher Floor Vase

A “Rebecca pitcher” has been a form turned by North Carolina potters since the 1930s. Shaped like ewers, these pitchers were one of the first forms produced purely for decoration, having no day-to-day practical use. They were popular products during the art pottery trend of the 1930s and 1940s. The Rebecca pitcher featured at GasLamp is two feet tall, making it a dramatic size to place on the floor ($495; Gaslamp Antiques S-505). The form and color of this vase are outstanding. It’s a beautiful addition to a Folk Art pottery collection.

You can curate elements that give a home a one-of-a-kind look that exudes your story and style. You get to add and edit as you collect pieces you love.  

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