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How to Add a Dash of Chic to Any Space

by Karen Parr-Moody 27 Oct 2022

There’s no surer path to elegant décor than one sprinkled with glamorous pieces, one reason GasLamp Antiques is beloved. A customer can always find a unique element to raise a room’s temperature. The store houses unusual art, including a Brutalist wall sculpture by a famous 1970s design duo, and fascinating furniture, including a mid-1800s Victorian dresser that’s been rehabbed as a bathroom vanity.


The original GasLamp store and the newer one around the corner are filled with finds for sprinkling a dash of chic to your space. Items with a heightened sense of design – scrolls, hand carvings, upscale materials – will go to distance.

Bring Out the Clever with Brutalist Art

Abandoned Royalty, one of GasLamp’s most tasteful booths, displays an artistic find from 1970 in this midcentury modern, Brutalist wall sculpture ($490; GasLamp Antiques Booth W-405; @abandonedroyalty on Instagram). Signed by Curtis Jeré, the piece depicts the Golden Gate bridge and remains in its original condition, down to the tiny sailboats.

Curtis Jeré was the pseudonym for two artists, Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels, a design duo (and brothers-in-law) that used enamel, brass, copper, and steel to create decorative wall sculptures during the midcentury-modern era. Fels and Freiler began collaborating in 1963, creating what they dubbed “gallery-quality art for the masses.” As Curtis Jeré, they made many of the iconic decorative objects of their era. The artwork is 59 inches wide by 32 inches high by 2 inches deep.

Dress Up a Room with Neoclassical Style

Some styles, such as Neoclassical, pack extra distinction, as seen in this Italian demilune console table ($375; GasLamp Antiques Booth W-405). This small table is painted in parcel gilt and features a molded apron carved with a Greek key pattern. It sits on three scroll-headed saber legs joined by crossed-arrow stretchers. The table is 32.5 inches high and 15 inches in diameter.

Make a Bathroom Sing with a Victorian Antique

To achieve a fully customized bathroom aesthetic, consider this walnut dresser from the mid-1800s Victorian Era, refurbished into a bathroom vanity ($1,825; GasLamp Too Booth T-350). The design leaves room for an 8-inch widespread faucet, and the top drawers are retrofitted and ready for a plumbing installation. The Turkish Carrera top gleams with its bright white surface subtly traced by grey veins. The vanity is 36 inches wide by 35 inches high by 20 inches deep.

Burled Mahogany Cabinet is Inherently Intense

This antique cabinet’s beauty derives from the intense grain patterns of its burled mahogany that possess an almost marble-like appearance ($750; GasLamp Antiques Booth B-210). In early 20th-century America, artisans and woodworkers recognized how unique burled wood was. They crafted an array of Art Deco and Hollywood Regency furniture from the prized material, which gained momentum before reaching its peak in the 1970s. The cabinet is 40 inches wide by 43 inches high by 24 inches deep.

A Stylish Ottoman is Key

Jaclyn Kole of The Urban Housewife is technically and artistically talented at upholstery. She mixes fabrics and trims to create spirited works of color and texture, as seen in this vintage midcentury modern ottoman ($183; GasLamp Antiques Booth B-208; @theurbnhsewfe on Instagram). An ottoman with flair, like this one, can offer extra seating in a small-scale setting.

Elegant décor hinges on sleekly ornamental lines that are never fussy. With Gaslamp’s fabulous selection, you can find the right stripe of elegance to suit your style.

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