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How to Create Artful, Eclectic Décor

by Karen Parr-Moody 24 Jul 2022

Creating an artful, eclectic space begins with embracing your one-of-a-kind style and ignoring trends. Long ago, I accepted that my décor tastes run the gamut from 1750s French Sèvres porcelain to Danish Modern bentwood furniture. Are these genres similar? No. Do I care? No, because I understand the aesthetic power of unlikely combinations.


Creating eclectic décor is a process. Over time, as you gather your art and furniture, you will see commonalities within your combinations. Then you will find ways to blend everything, including unexpected pops of modernity in otherwise traditional design or bright colors in a sea of neutrals.

A Settee from Centuries Ago

This Jacobean settee from the 1600s is a statement piece.

One sure way to heighten the artistic nature of a space is to anchor it with a rare antique with some serious age on it, like this Jacobean settee circa 1650-1700 ($2,800; GasLamp Too Booth T-213). This gorgeous settee, upholstered in rich emerald velvet, has roots in Germany or Italy. It once belonged to the Upper Room Christian Art Museum in Nashville collection, which is why it is preserved so well. The wood feels soft and time-worn and features fine details of craftsmanship. (The settee’s measurements are 56 inches long, 38.5 inches tall, 24 inches deep, and 18 inches from the floor to the top of the seat.)

A Unique Plate by Nashville Artist Paul Harmon

Nashville artist Paul Harmon created this one-of-a-kind plate.

This ceramic plate is a work of Nashville artist Paul Harmon, who paints with the stylistic ease of Pablo Picasso’s line drawings and the fluid grace of Henri Matisse’s paintings ($395; GasLamp Too Showcase T-951). The artist signed the one-of-a-kind ceramic plate. Trivia: The late “folkabilly” singer-songwriter Nanci Griffith once included this plate in her art collection.

An Antique Magazine Rack for Office Organization

An antique magazine rack will add flair to a home office.

This bronze-toned magazine rack made of durable wrought iron will add panache to any home office ($120; GasLamp Too Booth T951). An antique that does the distance, it’s also the perfect size for holding vinyl records. For those who take home-office organization seriously, an antique magazine rack is a must-have to keep the overall look artistic rather than sterile.

Get Artistic with an Art Nouveau Vase

Over 100 years ago, this Cambridge factory produced this brown-glazed vase.

This hand-painted Cambridge Pottery vase, circa 1909, hails from Cambridge, Ohio ($125; GasLamp Antiques B-234). From 1895 until World War I, the Cambridge factory produced brown-glazed decorated art wares. This vase, beautifully decorated with yellow tulips, is signed by the artist.

Add a Show-Stopping Cocktail Table

This wrought iron cocktail table will amp up the glamour.

Creating a successfully eclectic space includes infusing a room with varying degrees of personality. This type of décor requires a balance between show-stopping pieces and simplicity. This glass-topped, wrought iron cocktail table is a stunner that falls into the show-stopping category ($830; Gaslamp Booth B-210). It features exquisite scroll detail and a lovely finish. This sleek design will make a splash in any eclectic interior. (The glass top measures 41 inches in diameter.)
The eclectic home style never adheres to strict rules or trends. Instead, it relies on the variety and unpredictability of incorporating pieces from different periods and styles. As the eclectic home evolves, adding statement pieces and supportive pieces creates new interest while keeping the balance. And since eclectic décor requires a hint of the unexpected, there’s no better place to shop for it than GasLamp and GasLamp Too.
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