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One-a-Kind Vintage Treasures

by Karen Parr-Moody 12 Jan 2022

The GasLamp stores overflow with rare finds, but a few are in a class by themselves. These are the finds that make a vintage collector’s heart go pitter-patter because of their uniqueness and beauty. We’ve all giddily discovered these. Few feelings match those of an antique lover who uncovers a beloved collectible (as any episode of Antiques Roadshow demonstrates). Then there are those treasures that suit one’s style to a T – think of an art collector who adds a pop of “wow” to a collection through the perfect painting or a Sèvres porcelain collector who somehow discovers a museum-quality piece in “Rose Pompadour” pink (fingers crossed, right?).


One-of-a-kind finds are statement pieces. GasLamp has many of these because our dealers comb the country searching for rare vintage and antique furnishings. Here’s just a pinch of what’s at the store.


Talk about a one-of-a-kind find! This exceedingly rare confessional stall, circa 1820, was acquired from the private collection of a veteran who brought it back from Europe ($6,999; Booth B-234). This ornate confessional stall features the original seat, armrest, Bible shelf, and ceiling trap door. The exquisite craftsmanship includes historical details from the early 1800s: square nails and early hardware and screws. The owner of this statement piece could rent it as a film prop or use it as the star conversation starter in an eclectic home. It measures 88 inches tall by 30 inches wide by 46 inches deep and is crafted from pine, walnut and oak.


This Royal Satsuma vase, circa 1880, is a piece of rare Japanese pottery featuring exquisite colors, heavy gilding and hand-painted details ($1,900; Showcase T-951). This hard-to-find vase is in excellent condition, with no chips, despite being about 140 years old. Artisans created this highly collectible vase from the red clay of Japan’s Satsuma province, where potters have produced such wares since the 16th century. Royal Satsuma is the best-known Japanese pottery, notable for the soft ivory-colored crackled glaze applied after an artisan paints the surface scenes. This Royal Satsuma vase, produced at the esteemed Shutsusan workshop, stands 16 inches tall. Being of a quality usually reserved for museums, it is truly a one-of-a-kind find.


Folk art collectors love the rusticity and innocence of the genre, and this handmade wooden ship is a charming addition to any folk art collection ($75; Showcase 544). The ship’s mast is rigged with tiny fabric sails, and the body features many handmade details, including a little ladder, windows and wheel.


This fantastic poster designed by Bjørn Wiinblad was purchased in 1970 at Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen, a famous Scandinavian design store founded in 1925 ($650; Booth B-101). The signed artwork features one of the Danish artist’s whimsical ladies known for their pert noses and almond-shaped eyes. Wiinblad was one of Denmark’s most productive artists, working in ceramics and painting and creating tapestries and kitchen wares. Wiinblad’s fanciful style continues to influence artists and potters today, including designer Jonathan Adler, who has claimed the artist as an inspiration for his pottery designs.


It is getting increasingly difficult to find well-made crystal chandeliers, and this 15-light chandelier, one of two available, is a quality statement piece ($1,495 each; Booth T101). With hundreds of polished pieces of leaded glass, a crystal chandelier is a work of art. The sparkle of such a piece is unparalleled.

Every GasLamp fan knows that the store is a bastion of treasures. What one-of-a-kind find will you discover among the many finds? The one that speaks to your heart, indeed.
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