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Beautiful Birds in Décor

by Karen Parr-Moody 05 Jan 2022

From songbirds to birds of prey, birds exude an unmatched natural beauty. On Jan. 5, National Bird Day is tailor-made for those who, like so many interior designers, love the sight of a bird in flight – and of bird motifs as décor. So here at GasLamp, we felt it was time to spread some love for our feathered friends.


Birds are ethereal and elegant, making them an excellent motif for home décor. Birds are captured in flight on wallpaper, fabrics and art, inspiring armchair decorators and professional designers to add avian accents to a stylish home. Here, GasLamp presents five finds – from a vintage animatronic bird to a carved wooden eagle – that will give bird lovers something to chirp about.

            SINGING BIRD

The firm of Karl Griesbaum, founded in Germany’s Black Forest in 1905, began manufacturing animatronic singing birds, such as the outstanding example here, in 1925 ($1,295; Booth T-379). This red-and-black bird is an exceptional example of early 20th century German craftsmanship as it sits on a metal perch surrounded by metallic “leaves.” When wound, the bird breaks into song, opening and closing its beak, turning its head from side to side, and moving its tail up and down. The birdcage base features the Karl Griesbaum logo with the words “Made in Germany” on it. The birdcage measures six inches in diameter and is 11½ inches tall.


You can’t beat a pair of vintage brass peacocks to imbue a room with Hollywood Regency style ($185; Booth PH-056). Made of heavy solid brass, the male and female peacocks measure an impressive 22 inches in length. These midcentury finds make for a fabulous statement piece. And since they are brass, these peacocks can go outdoors, too. They would look gorgeous in a garden.


This hand-carved eagle looks like it stopped mid-flight to grab a snack ($139.95; Booth B-1004). The sculpture is expertly carved from a single piece of hardwood, underscoring the artist’s talent. The swirling wood grain adds to its beauty.


San Francisco’s Cavallini & Co. prints historic images onto high-quality Italian paper stock, making them perfect for framing. This “Nos Bons Petits Oiseaux” (Our Lovely Little Birds) engraving was initially published circa 1890 by Jean-Charles Pellerin (1756-1836), founder of Pellerin, a French publishing company. This poster is 20 by 28 inches and features an array of birds, including a robin redbreast, lark, sparrow and warbler.


Tennessee sculptor Tom Griscom created this important bronze statue of a bird alighting on a sunflower ($3,900; Booth B-257). It is signed and dated. Griscom was an award-winning artist who worked in limestone, wood, and bronze.

Gentle and delicate birds don’t overpower or dominate a space, making them ideal for sunny spots such as kitchens or sunrooms. Birds of prey, such as eagles, bring gravitas to an office or library. Work in some bird-motif cushions and upholstery to tell a chirpy story about winged creatures.
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