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Warm, Golden and Rich Interiors

by Karen Parr-Moody 08 Feb 2022

This brittle winter cold makes me crave – in addition to hot chocolate – the darkest, warmest, most textural objects in my interiors. When recently shopping through GasLamp’s merchandise, I noticed some sumptuous finds that feel rich inside the home amid our wintry gray landscape, so I had to share.


Dark wood, bronze finishes, vintage books of classic literature: These finds combine to create a golden ambiance in a room. Think of a wood fire illuminating a cabin at the foot of a snowy hill. Each season teases out a home’s mood. Here are some beautiful finds for winter.


How delicious is this carved French desk from the 1800s? That dark oak is regal, and the style is Renaissance at its grandest. Popular in fine Victorian homes, this writing table style was called a bureau plat desk or “dolphin” table (note the feet carved into mythical creatures with fish scales and dolphins’ heads) during the 19th century.

This antique desk features handsomely carved lion heads on the corners (including some lion heads that clinch brass rings in their mouths). The French “gadrooning” style of carving covers the frieze on all four sides, making this table excellent for placement in the center of a room. The dimensions are 40 inches by 30 inches by 30 inches, and the table features a stretcher base and large double legs on each side that are hand-carved in a bulbous shape. This creatively crafted piece is a rare find ($1,795; Booth B-234).


A chic 1970s vibe imbues this comfortable side chair. It has been upholstered in nubby fabrics that feel cozy by nature ($225; Booth T-951). But what makes it more remarkable is the duality of the prints – the structured stripes on the back and the loose flowers on the front – both created from the same 1970s palette of cream, avocado green, mustard yellow, clove brown and russet red.


Winter pushes us indoors, where we sit by golden fires, our minds lulled by the dark, cozy sumptuousness. Similarly, a glint of gold, so reminiscent of a roaring fire, always adds warmth to a room. Decades ago, the Carolina Mirror Company produced this midcentury-modern mirror in a bronze-gold frame ($168; Booth B-234). Its Rococo-style crest adds that extra touch of flair to this warmly elegant mirror.  


This unusual piece of art tells the tale of a wounded Roman gladiator in an Art Nouveau style ($125; Booth T-951). Against the white plaster backdrop, three-dimensional gilt figures play out a tragic scene as a goddess-like woman holds a wounded gladiator in her arms; his shield and sword lie at his feet. A bronzed oval frame trimmed in x-shaped bands encases this gorgeous piece.


This set of hand-worn books, chocolate in color, bear a decadent amount of scrolling on their spines, classic designs not seen today ($67.50; Booth B-109). This set of four books from the World’s Greatest Literature collection includes: “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin,” “Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas, “Last of the Mohicans” by Fenimore Cooper, and “Vanity Fair” by William Thackeray. They’re just the right thing to warm up a room and keep you consumed by fantastical tales.

Bronzed finishes, authentic antiques, wood pieces, fluffy pillows and earth-toned colors create a natural warming impact on living spaces. Shop GasLamp and discover the “winterizing” finds that put you in a cuddly headspace this winter.  
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