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Elegant, Timeless Finds

by Karen Parr-Moody 21 Feb 2022

Some vintage finds stand out for their graceful design and timeless elegance. There are many of these at GasLamp, and we love them all. But these picks – from a Civil War-era chair to a milk glass ship – stand out due to their inherent beauty and charm.



With its skillfully carved wood, this dining chair, one of two, will be an elegant addition to any table ($300 each; Booth B-218). The chair, produced sometime between 1840 and 1860, is inspired by the heavily carved style of the Civil War era. A sculpted top crest depicts swirling acanthus leaves, a classical motif, and the richly carved back features a small rosette in the center.


The daring design of this “peacock” mirror is inspired by the fanned tail feathers of that showy bird ($475; W-405). Monica Art of India, located in Rajasthan, India, produced this mirror made from mango wood. It is a traditional, handmade mirror created by specialized craftsmen (and it’s as showy as a peacock at 43 x 31.5 inches).


This vintage console table made of glossy cane steers one’s imagination to British Colonial style ($75; W-405). The fashion emerged as Great Britain colonized multiple countries from the 1700s to the early 1900s. British Colonial encompasses travel-inspired interiors that reflect a blend of refined British style and what was then considered “exotic” – i.e., furniture made of natural materials in Africa, India, Asia and the Caribbean. This half-moon table perfectly embodies the British Colonial look – all that’s missing are leather trunks, campaign chests and at least one collapsible writing desk.


This print is a copy of the John James Audubon hand-colored lithograph entitled “Columbian Day-Owl” ($75; Booth W-405). It depicts two Columbian Day-Owls perched on tree limbs and was originally in Audubon’s “Birds of America.” The wooden 17-by-20 frame enhances the print. This piece would be a fabulous gift for that nature lover in your life.


This charming memento commemorates the 1898 sinking of the battleship U.S.S. Maine in a Havana harbor due to an explosion of unknown origin ($48.50; Booth B-109). The act contributed to the outbreak of the Spanish–American War. This lidded dish is made of milk glass, a material popular when it was produced around 1900, and is detailed with anchors, chains, portals and doors. It would be a beautiful addition to a milk glass collection or for collectors of U.S. military items.  
If it’s elegance you seek, look no further than GasLamp and GasLamp Too. As you mill about the aisles, you’ll find a treasure trove of antiques imbued with uniqueness and history.  
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