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Cozy Cabin Interior Design Ideas

by Karen Parr-Moody 22 Sep 2021

There’s nothing as cozy as an interior designed for a cabin in the woods. Beyond the bare necessities – a wood-burning stove and a hot tub – cabin décor is a comfy concoction of snuggly throws, warm rugs, rustic antiques and wooden furniture.


At GasLamp, you will find cabin décorgalore for any project, whether a cabin is a second home or a room you want to feel like a vacation destination. If you love the farmhouse style of chippy, rusted antiques, you can parlay those pieces into tabletop centerpieces or outdoor planters, then paint the cabin’s interior in shades of white.

If your cabin is lined in dark woods, like the masculine “camps” of the Adirondack Mountains, you might choose rustic antiques with a sense of history. And plaid blankets are a must. Regardless of style, you can achieve maximum cabin coziness with vintage finds from GasLamp.


A vintage Chinese abacus teaches kids math as they play games.

To combat cabin fever, pack the place with indoor games for kids and adults. Vintage games perform two feats: They entertain a crowd and infuse a room with retro charm. Children can play math games on this vintage Chinese abacus – and they won’t even know they’re learning as they shift the wooden beads along the rods ($35; Booth T-188). When not in use, this vintage abacus, solidly built of huanghuali wood with brass reinforcements, is the perfect accent for a cabin’s fireplace mantle.


This antique English coal bucket adds to the authentic mood of cabin decor.

This elegantly rustic English coal scuttle is pleasingly functional, even if you aren’t expecting a coal delivery ($198; Booth B-130). The copper bucket, designed in the classic “helmet” form, likely dates to the late 1800s to early 1900s. This English antique would infuse any fireside spot with Old World authenticity via its luscious metallic patina.


One can see the excellent handiwork in the tight weave of this split bamboo “bushel” or “gathering” basket.

This vintage split bamboo “bushel” or “gathering” basket can quietly imbue a cabin with its honeyed hue and natural presence ($99; Booth T-379). The tightly woven fibers attest to its high quality, and the nature of the weave yields gorgeous textures and color variations. This traditional basket, handwoven with experience, could be placed in a corner to store favorite blankets and throws. Even better, I love the idea of using this basket to start a collection for the cabin; you could group several baskets and hang them on a wall as art, which is a significant trend right now (see: #basketwall on Instagram).


This antique charcoal iron is a precursor of modern electric irons.

An ancestor of the electric iron, this charcoal iron bears the marks of rusticity acquired from more than a century of use – and would make for a fabulous cabin conversation piece ($70; T-376). Similar contraptions were used in 1st-century Asia – and India’s “dhobi,” or “iron men,” as they are referred to locally, still use them today due to frequent power cuts. As with all charcoal irons, this antique iron contains a space inside its base where burning charcoal is placed for heating. This piece probably dates to the mid-1800s.


These mix-and-match styles work perfectly in a cabin.

The no-fuss nature of cabin style allows for such eclectic ideas as mismatched placemats, as with this pair of quilted table mats that would be perfect for a bistro set ($12.50, pair; Booth T-704). The motifs of evergreen pine needles and branches remind one of a dark emerald forest. Handcrafted of soft cotton, these placemats are machine-washable for that carefree cabin vibe.

The cabin style of 2021 isn’t too country – we’re not talking about farm bells and rusted watering cans. It just needs to feel authentic, a little whimsical, and most of all, relaxed. Because at the cabin, the main activities should be cuddling up and chilling out.  
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