School’s out for summer, which means your kitchen will soon teem with children seeking snacks. Prepare yourself. While ice cream cones and Popsicles serve themselves, other forms of nourishment require some presentation. Even though any snack will impress your pint-sized guests (I’m looking at you, Rice Crispy Treats), it’s still more fun to serve them in retro fashion.  

GasLamp’s treasures for snack serving range from crystal candy dishes to Victorian toast racks. From this bounty, we curated six of our favorites.

Also known as “Poppin’ Fresh,” the Pillsbury Doughboy has been shilling snacks for the Pillsbury Company since 1965, giggling all the way to the bank. This 1988 cookie jar, featuring Poppin’ Fresh with bright blue eyes and his trademark baker’s hat, is destined to be a favorite with the scooter set ($48; Booth B-228).

One can efficiently serve Mexican-themed snacks via this midcentury modern chip-and-dip platter that takes the form of a cream-colored sombrero ($49; Booth T-379). From Treasure Craft Pottery Company, this sombrero platter proffers salsa from the hat’s crown, while the brim accommodates enough tortilla chips for a crowd.

Are you seeking a healthy snack? Serve some steamed artichokes in this Majolica artichoke plate ($89; Booth T-387). It features three separate compartments: one for melted butter, one for artichokes and one for discarded leaves. Each section is decorated with varying leaf patterns in this embossed piece that is pretty and practical.  

Since 1966, Arthur Court Designs has produced handcrafted aluminum tableware inspired by nature’s beauty. This fish platter, embossed by the detailed image of overlapping fish, is one of many designs that render Arthur Court a tastemaker favorite ($69; Booth T-183). It possesses the unique characteristics of high-quality aluminum, a lightweight metal that never tarnishes nor requires polishing.

Three cheers for chocolate! It’s easy to celebrate the melty, velvety deliciousness of Hershey’s Kisses when they roll out of this charming dispenser ($30; Booth T-370). Produced in 1995, this dispenser will enchant children: Simply twist the flag on top of the Hershey’s Kiss character and candy rolls into its white-gloved hands.

This wood-and-glass bar cart is suited for serving guests drinks and snacks with ease ($194.95; Booth B-210). For the kiddos, it can become an at-home lemonade station complete with healthy snacks. The casters allow for quick-change artistry as the cart gets rolled from room to room, use to use, crowd to crowd. For the kiddos, it can serve lemonade and oatmeal cookies; for the adults, it’s a vehicle for Lemon Drop martinis and macrons. Bon appétit!

Ladies of the ’50s and ’60s once dressed to the nines, then ventured forth to a friend’s house to share lunch, coffee and gossip amid stylish chip-and-dip platters and punch bowls. By keeping these vintage finds in one’s party planning arsenal, a hostess is prepared for much more than ladies’ tea parties and bridal showers. Because when summer rolls around, the kiddos beg to be fed. Why not do it in style with vintage serving pieces that make them smile?

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Serghei Savchiuc for Unsplash.