When seeking memorable gifts for Mother’s Day, look no further than a jewelry box. Royals fled revolutions with jewels sewn into their corsets – if that tells you anything, it’s that women keep their jewelry close to their hearts. So, keep your Mother’s Day gift close to your mother’s heart by giving her a vintage ring, bracelet or necklace.

Right now, GasLamp’s booths and showcase cabinets sparkle with an array of vintage jewelry from which to procure the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Vintage jewelry is a pulse-quickening, eye-catching and conversation-grabbing adornment. Often handmade with techniques no longer practiced today, vintage costume jewelry is exceptionally well made, giving it that artisan quality that collectors love to admire.

While costume jewelry takes advantage of large stones for dramatic effect, vintage semi-precious jewelry holds an intrinsic worth (and, often, such jewelry, set in semi-precious metals, is found at a more reasonable price range than that of modern jewelry). Either type of vintage jewelry can become a chic choice as a Mother’s Day gift.

Nothing says Mother’s Day like a bouquet – especially one that never wilts. This vintage flower bouquet brooch is signed “Givenchy” for the French fashion company launched by Hubert de Givenchy in 1952. Like Elsa Schiaparelli before him, Givenchy produced high-quality costume jewelry, beginning in the late 1960s. This Givenchy brooch showcases faceted blue crystals, along with iridescent oval cabochons, in swirling shades of cream and sky blue ($45; Booth S-506).

In polished sterling silver, this squared bangle features a push-button clasp to keep this hinged design secure on one’s wrist ($125; Booth S-505). Such handiwork is inherent to vintage Mexican silver, a type of jewelry crafted by Mexican silversmiths whose loving care shines through in the hand-wrought work. This bangle, stamped on the inside with Mexican silver marks, would complement a casual or sophisticated fashion ensemble, such is the versatility and modernity of the design.

What a charmer! This vintage antique charm bracelet made of 14-karat yellow gold is the perfect gift for a creative mom who loves expressing herself ($1,295; Booth S-506). This small work of art features an array of semi-precious stones set in the charms, including six cabochon-cut blue opals, gray seed pearls and faceted semi-precious stones. This charm bracelet is an instant heirloom that makes for a unique Mother’s Day gift.  

This pearl necklace differs from the classic silhouette by including a spherical pendant made of white jade ($250; Booth S-506). White jade typically ranges from off-white to very pale yellow, and this snowy pendant blends perfectly with the pearls. This necklace, made with 14-karat-gold findings, is incredibly versatile since white matches any clothing color.

Any Mother’s Day gift includes the added emotional value of being from a beloved child, husband or friend, whether it’s a hand-picked bouquet or a bouquet-shaped brooch. Since vintage jewelry appears in various motifs and color combinations, such a gift can be highly personal. So, think about the motifs and colors that your mother loves, then zip over to GasLamp to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift via vintage jewelry.

Header photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash. All product photos by David Wariner.