Do you plan to spend the summer overlooking Lake Como’s tranquil blue waters, champagne flute in hand? Me neither (sniff, sniff). But you can infuse your home with whimsical wanderlust via travel-inspired décor. You don’t even need a plane ticket to take off – a skip and hop through GasLamp will reveal travel-inspired items galore, from vintage luggage to retro globes to exotic souvenirs.

There was a time when a lady wouldn’t be caught traveling without a stylish train case in white-gloved hand. This charming train case was produced during that time – the 1950s – and comes complete with two keys, a mirror for checking one’s lipstick and an interior tray for organizing jewelry and cosmetics ($48; Booth T-357). This vintage train case’s exterior is emerald green and the interior is lined in a navy-and-white floral fabric. Travel bags from the 1950s are hard to find in such pristine condition (and their keys are rarely intact). This vintage luggage is a mid-century modern gem.

This chrome cake carrier ensures the dessert will arrive at the picnic in vintage style ($19; Booth T-166). From a collection called Lincoln BeautyWare, this cake carrier was made in the U.S.A. (in Brooklyn, in fact) by Lincoln Metal Products Company, a popular mid-century maker of kitchenware. This carrier was designed with locking tabs so that the cake safely reaches its destination.

The Lincoln BeautyWare line included bread boxes, canisters and trash receptacles. It was produced in the 1950s by the Lincoln Metal Products Company in Brooklyn, New York.

Nothing says “summer” quite like Coca-Cola. Fans of the 129-year-old beverage can stylishly store its bottles in this vintage Coca-Cola cooler ($425; Booth T-204). From the 1950s, this metal cooler features the phrase “Drink Coca-Cola in Bottles” in white raised lettering on both sides. The interior is galvanized; the exterior features the old-style handles and clamps for the lid.

Artist Ryan Gurley, a member of the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach, California, painted this “Woodie” station wagon topped by a surfboard ($89; Booth T-376). The 1953 Buick Super Estate was the last “Woodie” built, but surfers have been driving vintage station wagons ever since, as they’re perfect for ferrying longboards, shortboards and buddies to and from the beach. This charming artwork could infuse any room with memories of California’s surf culture of the 1960s, when the Beach Boys owned the airwaves and surfers were America’s golden gladiators of the sea.

A vintage globe will keep you thinking about traveling even when you’re just watching the Travel Channel (Booth T-705). From the 1970s, this National Geographic Society Physical Globe of the world is a tactile reminder of all the places you can go. It would be a great display piece for an office, library or child’s room.

This brass elephant reminds one of India, where elephants have performed sacred duties for centuries at Hindu temples and monasteries ($138; Booth T-114). The elephants’ presence is extensive in the Indian state of Kerala, where they are highly decorated for ceremonies and parades. This detailed brass statue features the ornate trappings of a temple elephant, including the copper-plated headgear called “nettipattam.”

Travel-themed home décor can bring the world to your doorstep, reminding you of where you’ve been, where you’re going and what’s out there. We all know that far-flung adventures can be right around the corner.

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Rana Sawalha at Unsplash.