Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, so it’s time to pick the perfect gifts for the woman you adore, whether it’s a mom, special aunt, friend or teacher. If you seek a unique gift for a mom who has excellent taste and standout style, look no further than GasLamp Antiques and Decorating Mall of Nashville.  

GasLamp’s merchandise runs the gamut of history, from hundreds of years old to completely current. For Mother’s Day gifts, such finds can date to the glorious past or be thoroughly modern. The booths offer a blend of eras and uniqueness for a special mom.

The soaps from Pré de Provence are modern but are crafted via centuries-old methods by artisans in Provence, France ($8 per bar; Booth T-218). French-milled soaps have remained the gold standard for centuries, traditionally being “triple-milled” to produce a long-lasting soap. Pré de Provence soaps are “quad-milled” to be even smoother and to build a richer lather, making these soaps the perfect centerpiece in a basket of “ahhhh” (silver dish, $29.95; Booth S-108).  

Once upon a time – the mid-1800s, to be exact – wealthy youths took an educational trip across Europe called the Grand Tour. It was a cultural rite of passage for young travelers seeking arts and culture. While women over the age of 21 only partook of the Grand Tour when accompanied by a chaperone, a young man might travel alone, accompanied by the accouterments of a gentleman. One such luxury would have been a portable bar, such as this mahogany British version with inlaid brass ($250; Booth T-379).

Today, this portable bar would be a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day gift. The silken hand-rubbed finish is in fine condition, and it includes four tumblers and four shot glasses with compartments and a drawer for bar tools.

Originally based out of Nu’uanu on the island of O’ahu, Hawai’i, the Olive & Pique hat company is woman-owned and woman-inspired. This Olive & Pique straw hat features a multicolored beaded band and an adjustable string tie on the inner band; it’s a stylish gift for a mom to wear in the summer sun ($24; Booth T-2022).

A fur coat is a traditional Christmas gift, but a fur coat is also a unique Mother’s Day gift when considering an heirloom-worthy option. GasLamp is currently offering a mink-and-fox coat in like-new condition with a shiny finish of chocolate brown ($575; Booth T-181). Designed in a timeless stroller style, this coat possesses a silhouette that has outlasted trendier designs and will continue to do so.

Many conscientious fashionistas see vintage fur as a sustainable fashion option because, unlike its faux alternatives, it will ultimately biodegrade, as will other natural materials. Fur coats, if properly maintained, can be passed down from generation to generation or otherwise repurposed. That’s another reason vintage fur is a unique gift for Mother’s Day.

In the 2000s, Anderson Design Group went from being a small Nashville ad agency to becoming the publisher of innovative posters embraced by lovers of vintage design. Inspired by the Golden Age of Illustration, Anderson’s artists initially created the Spirit of Nashville series of posters to celebrate the place-making spots of Nashville, from Fox’s Donut Den to the Belcourt Theatre to Centennial Park.

For any mom who loves Nashville, such a poster would be a unique and beloved piece of art. Currently, there are two such posters in matching frames for $50 each at GasLamp Booth B-330. Each is in an 11-by-14-inch gray frame; one depicts Shelby Park and the other features the Nashville Greenways Park.

GasLamp offers many other Mother’s Day gifts, including vintage McCoy planters (perfect for a floral arrangement), vintage costume jewelry, books, records, glassware and vintage fashions. A certain mother – one who is stylish, novelty-seeking and unique – will find immense charm in such finds.  

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Christina Hernández on Unsplash