By Karen Parr-Moody

Rings, with their totemic symbolism, are singular pieces of jewelry for marking important moments in life, from first loves to anniversaries. They can be also be an outward symbol of one-of-a-kind style. Unusual rings are embraced by those who seek statement-making jewelry, and at Lysbeth Antiques and Estate Jewelry a trove of exquisite rings awaits. At S-506 in the original GasLamp, this showcase is a natural destination for glittering gifts that will quicken the pulse of the receiver.

A fan of the color purple, or perhaps a lucky lady born in February, can dive stylishly into 2020 with this amethyst cocktail ring (size 6.25 at Showcase S-506; $295). It features a rectangular-shaped amethyst, the February birthstone, in a fancy cut that sparkles like a star. Trimmed with twinkling white topaz rounds, this large amethyst is set in a sterling silver band. Amethysts are a type of crystalline quartz with a relatively high hardness of 7, which makes for a long-lasting stone.

This ring speaks to the glamour girl in all of us, as it features three emerald-cut pink topaz stones bookended by two diamond rounds for a balance of architectural lines and pizzazz (S-506; $198). Featured on a smooth and shiny band, these stones will kick up the volume on a glitzy ensemble or add some much-needed sparkle to a classic brunch outfit. This spectacular ring underscores the diversity of topaz, a gemstone that exists in an array of stunning colors, including blue, yellow, orange, red, pink and champagne. As the November birthstone, topaz symbolizes love and affection, which makes it a wonderful gift for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day gift. Prized for its hardness, clarity and beauty, the topaz is a versatile stone that is dazzling in an emerald cut, as seen in the stones of this ring.

Chinese lore holds that jade is linked to immortality since jade objects last so long, but whether you believe that or not, the stone stands on its own as a thing of beauty – as seen with this lovely and inexpensive ring (size 10 at S-506; $38). Centered on a prong setting made of sterling silver, the oval cabochon jade stone features brilliant-cut peridot stones on either side and a textured shank that features scrolling and swirls.

This elongated cluster ring features natural garnets in a rich color in a design that reminds us of pomegranate seeds (size 6.25 at S-506; $75). Each garnet is faceted for maximum luster, then carefully secured in gold vermeil prongs that offset the stones’ color. With hints of purple and intense rose red undertones, this ring would be the perfect gift for Christmas or Valentine’s day.

Last, but not least, this amethyst ring accented with rhinestones is a true find at a mere $35 (size 8 at S-506). With a price so low, this ring would fit many budgets as a gift for a friend. We love the floral shape of the setting.

It’s no secret that GasLamps sells a wide swath of phenomenal jewelry, but rings hold a special place in our hearts. And you’ll find some of the best at Lysbeth Antiques and Estate Jewelry.

Featured image by Brooke Cagle at Unsplash; all other images by Karen Parr-Moody.