Staff Favorites

Our favorites from current inventory at GasLamp One and GasLamp Too

All items can be purchased or put on hold by phone. Layaway is available, with the dealer’s permission, for a 60-day period. Call 615.297.2224 for the original GasLamp One and 615.292.2250 for GasLamp Too. All items are sold “as is” with no warranty expressed or implied. No returns or exchanges. All sales final.

Emerald-and-diamond ring in 18k gold setting.
$1250, S-506 at GasLamp Too.
Large cast iron nipper bank.
$76, B-228 at GasLamp One.
Philco Model 47-1230 phonograph radio.
$425, B-228 at GasLamp One.
Vintage decorative fire screen.
$132, B-228 at GasLamp One.
Early 19th-century grain painted blanket chest.
$395, B-300 at GasLamp One.
Vase of “Many Faces of Man” by Fiero Fornasetti.
$124.95, B-310 at GasLamp One.
Revolving oak two-tier bookcase, c. 1870s.
$1,295, B-234 at GasLamp One.
Ceramic Sphinx figure with high-gloss glaze.
$274.95, B-310 at GasLamp One.
“Dusk in the Lane” painting by Jenson.
$485, B-218 at GasLamp One.
Antique English brass tall case clock dial, circa 1770s.
$295 at GasLamp One.
Pair of geodes.
$750, S-544 at GasLamp One.
Vintage 2-carat aquamarine set in 14k yellow gold.
$395, S-506 at GasLamp One.
Art table with gold-tone top & aluminum base.
$48, B-2010 at GasLamp One.
Art Nouveau cast iron plaque with maiden figure.
$325 at GasLamp One.
Richard McCarthy walnut dining chairs.
$995, B-120 at GasLamp One.
Black granite tulip table.
$535, B-120 at GasLamp One.
“The Forgotten City on Alterra V” by Melissa W. McDonald.
$185, B-330 at GasLamp One.
“Interdimensional Shift” painting by Melissa W. McDonald.
$250, B-330 at GasLamp One.
Bell pepper colored pencil drawing by Melissa W. McDonald.
$95, B-330 at GasLamp One.
“Garden Gone Wild” painting by Melissa W. McDonald.
$150, B-330 at GasLamp One.
Pair of vintage church lights
$365, B-317 at GasLamp One.
Philco 116X radio, 1936 (not working)
$344.95, B-310 at GasLamp One.
Antique oak mantel mirror
$495, B-166 at GasLamp One.
Bent birch lounge chair
$240, B-120 at GasLamp One.
Vintage Dali exhibition poster
$275, B-138 at GasLamp One.
Roy Lichtenstein gallery poster
$145, B-138 at GasLamp One.
French Empire design with upper cabinet
$529, B-318 at GasLamp One.
Atomic-style accent piece
$45, B-234 at GasLamp One.
Mikasa crystal Galaxia candle holders
$60, B-357 at GasLamp One.
Retro lady head vase
$24, B-357 at GasLamp One.
Signed Caro Nan 1960s handbag
$58, B-306 at GasLamp One.
“Bluebell Field” painting
$695, B-218 at GasLamp One.
Hand-painted “Coffee” window
$50, B-220 at GasLamp One.
Mid-century modern wingback chair
$599 at B-208, GasLamp One.
Murano glass chandelier
$2,400 at B-106, GasLamp One.
Mid-century modern stools, leopard fabric
$249 pair at B-208, GasLamp One.
Bedroom chair in pink velvet
$149 at B-208, GasLamp One.

GasLamp Too

128 Powell Place, Suite 200
Nashville Tennessee 37204
Vintage “bracelet bundles.”
$5 per bundle, T228 at GasLamp Too.
Victorian child’s leather boots with buttons.
$125, T-515 at GasLamp Too.
Prada glasses in original case.
$65, T-515 at GasLamp Too.
Edwardian nickel/German silver purse, c.1901-1907.
$225, T-515 at GasLamp Too.
Kate Spade sunglasses in a timeless style.
$45, T-515 at GasLamp Too.
Vintage “necklace bundles.”
$10 per bundle, T-228 at GasLamp Too.
English biscuit barrel, barley twist candlesticks, Imari plate.
$125, $95 and $68; T-220 at GasLamp Too.
Handmade glass orb pendant with shells.
$44, T-515 at GasLamp Too.
White side chair with scrolling, shell motif.
$325, T-274 at GasLamp Too.
California coastal oil-on-board in frame.
$120, T-206 at GasLamp Too.
String art ship.
$68, T-206 at GasLamp Too.
Clay and woven handmade pot.
$125, T-271 at GasLamp Too.
Pair of morel mushroom statues.
$39, T-389 at GasLamp Too.
19th-century oil-on-panel ships painting.
$870, T-373 at GasLamp Too.
English trestle-base coffee table.
$295, T-220 at GasLamp Too.
Spanish style chairs.
$795, T-195 at GasLamp Too.
Thoym Rebusi Studio Tom McCanna candelabras.
$850 for set, T-250 at GasLamp Too.
Wool Serapi rug from Viss, c. 1930
$115, T-512 at GasLamp Too.
Tufted leather chair, Oxford Ltd
$600, T-279 at GasLamp Too.
Native American figural painting
$225, T-206 at GasLamp Too.
Bleached oak French chest c. 1700s
$1,675, T-220 at GasLamp Too.
Anthropologie modern style chandelier
$800, T-195 at GasLamp Too.
Mid-century modern Riya Rug
$1,295, T-2012 at GasLamp Too.
Antique bamboo & tooled leather cabinet
$825, B-384 at GasLamp One.
Six vintage chairs by Charles Uthman
$1,295 at Booth B-130, GasLamp Too.
Centuries-old Burmese carvings.
$495 at Booth T-412, GasLamp Too.
Replica bust of Michelangelo's David sculpture
$145 at S-544, GasLamp Too.
Vintage crystal perfume bottles
$60 and $80 at T-944, GasLamp Too.
"Sultana" gilt girandoles
$195 pair at T-101, GasLamp Too.
Farmhouse painting
$62 at T-407, GasLamp Too.
Circa 1930s Serapi wool rug, 3.1’ x 6.5’ feet
$350 at T-512, GasLamp Too.
Space age mid-century modern lamp
$125 at T-101, GasLamp Too.
Vintage Dresden porcelain cigarette frog ashtray
$74 at T-2012, GasLamp Too.