Spring party themes

No matter what your spring party theme, retro dinnerware and vintage serving pieces will infuse your shindig with colorful and lighthearted style.

Colorful, splashy and fun: That’s what a party becomes when you accessorize it with retro dinnerware and serving pieces that don’t take themselves too seriously. These are the sort of easy pieces that will become conversation pieces when you set the table. Bonus: They mimic the sun-kissed shades of spring for the cheeriest of tableaus.

Why not celebrate the warmer weather with peach blossoms, that emblem of spring? This set of cups, saucers, creamer and sugar bowl features hand-painted embossed peach blossoms and leaves in a pattern called Poppytrail, which was made from 1952 to 1962 by Metlox Pottery of California ($385). The midcentury modern pattern, which features branch-like handles, is well known among enthusiasts and is highly collectible. This set is perfect for a brunch, luncheon or book club meeting.

Wisteria, hydrangea and lilac blooms announce the vigor of a spring awakening with their lavender blossoms. In honor of this lavender shade, one can set the table with this 22-piece collection of purple-and-white striped pitcher, cups, saucers, creamer and sugar ($85; Booth B-115). Hailing from Bavaria, Germany, this set’s stripe pattern feels retro without looking too specific to the midcentury modern style. If your décor leans to a contemporary style, you can leave brunch guests caffeinated by using this sleek-yet-charming set.

Want a conversation starter for any gathering, from a playdate to a cocktail party? Then put this one-piece majolica serving platter to use. Made in a faux wicker style, this platter features attached apples, apple slices and a small bowl, making it ideal for serving fruit kabobs with homemade whipped cream ($45; Booth T-200). From Italy, this platter was made for The Mane Lion Philadelphia, a renowned boutique in the heart of Philadelphia’s fabled Main Line that has been selling hand-painted Italian serving pieces since 1979.

Bright, hand-painted flowers swirl against the white background of this retro stoneware pitcher ($58; Booth T-162). The jubilant blooms celebrate spring in shades of lemon yellow, coral pink, royal blue and hunter green. The addition of this mood-elevating piece to a set of plain white stoneware will heighten the mood of any festivity.

A contemporary piece, this hand-painted platter from San Francisco Pottery features a trompe-l’œil image of pears that looks like a tile mosaic ($32; Booth T-263). In generous dimensions, at 16 inches in diameter, this serving piece has the modern benefit of being microwave and dishwasher safe for easy cooking and cleanup, plus it includes a pear-shaped vessel for a fruit dip.

As spring sweeps across the South, painting the landscape with delicacy and swagger, one longs to celebrate by hosting convivial get-togethers. Tableware in spring tones and laid-back designs is the secret to bringing the season and décor together in harmony.

All product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Toa Heftiba at Unsplash.