Rare Nacozuri Beads SS Chain Billy Jack Designs


Perfectly round 12 – 13 mm Nacozuri beads highlighted with Pyrite flakes (fools gold), this simple yet elegant piece began in Sonoma, Mexico.   There is one 15 – 16 mm larger stone in the middle that naturally draws your eyes to it.  Separated by six 3-mm sterling beads with 10 more on each side and strung on a 1 mm , 18” Sterling chain. This stunning piece is a great example of turquoise color and symmetry.  Nacozuri Turquoise is very collectible as this mine no longer exists. (284 N)

GasLamp One, Booth S525 (showcase)

A 20 – 22 “ strand of Nacozuri beads will be available in the future which is extremely rare as round beads require so much more material and are hard to produce.

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