Original Oil Painting Madonna della Seggiola 1853


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1853 Oil on Canvas, the most famous and beautiful of all religious paintings. Depicting a seated Madonna cradling the small Christ child with John the Baptist looking on. The painting is set in a glorious ornate antique gilt frame. Original stamp provenance of Art Gallery is on back of canvas allows for dating the time.  This painting is traced back to the Robertson Gallery of London where purchased and brought to United States to the Memphis attorney’s home.
Similar artworks have appeared in part of the commemoration the Evocations Exhibition was inaugurated with more than 200 works from the National Museum and Art was featured then sold under elite galleries. Most have been detailed of John the Baptist on the other side of Madonna and Christ Child. However this original oil masterpiece is a hard to find work with regard to portrait placement.

History of these artworks and other paintings are created under the tutelage of Raphael (Raffaello Sanrioda Urbino) master painter (1513-1514) and those henceforth. The first original oil on panel by Rafael is still in the Medici family and has been since 16th century, and believed to be commissioned of Raphael by the powerful Italian dynasty.
Museum light included. Appraisal available upon request.

Dimensions of canvas 25.75” x 25.75”
With frame 42 x 42” x 3”

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