Dancers on the Mesa Folk Art Painting


Neat original folk art painting by artist John W. Strong, “Dancers on the Mesa”, a unique painting portraying Native American dancers in the Southwest. This is from a collection of nine paintings offered by this artist, be sure to take a look at the other eight, as shown in the second photo.  They range in size from 22 x 18½” to 24 x 20” including frame, and are priced from $195-$295 each.

About the artist:  John Wesley Strong has called both northern California and Nashville his home.  Over the years, his extensive travels have taken him from the cotton fields of the South, to the American Southwest, the seacoasts of Maine and the beauty of France.  Wherever his travels have taken him, Mr. Strong sought to capture the essence of each locale in his original art.

Dimensions: approximately 24″ x 19½” including frame

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