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Wonderful multipiece coffee set consisting of coffee pot, sugar, creamer, six cups and saucers, and two 4.75” small plates. Price is for set.

Painter Bjorn Wiinblad’s “Till Eulenspiegel” Merry Pranks series for the Rosenthal Studio Line was made in Germany from 1975 into the early 80s. Till Eulenspiegel was a jester or prankster who had clownish escapades in many European Countries during the Middle Ages and many stories and music are written about him. One of the small plates in this set features his visit to a Bamberg Inn trying to get a free meal from the Innkeeper.

Webster’s Deluxe Unabridged Dictionary identifies Till Eulenspiegel as a 14th Century Brunswick peasant whose pranks and drollness were the subject of widespread tales and the inspiration for a tone-poem by Richard Strauss. Encyclopedia Americana adds: “Reputedly, Till was historical and died in 1350 of the Black Death. His grave near Brunswick is still pointed out. The key to Till’s popularity lies in his escapades in almost every town in Germany, as well as towns in Denmark and Poland. He even traveled to Paris, where he was a schoolmaster at the Sorbonne. He beguiled his employers in almost every occupation: doctor, dentist, smith, cobbler, tailor, tanner, butcher, horse dealer and monk.”

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