Chifforobe Armoire


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This magnificent chifforobe has lots of wonderful hand carving and molding on the two front doors. It is made of a veneered solid wood with cedar interior. (A “chifforobe” is a piece of furniture having both drawers and space for hanging clothes.)

This is a project piece, but it will be well worth the effort to restore it. Some of the veneer is damaged, a straight piece of molding is missing from one of the doors and it needs a new bottom. Original Huntley Simmons Furniture label inside, see in photo.

The B.F. Huntley Furniture Co. was organized in 1906 in Winston-Salem, NC after being operated as the Oakland Furniture Co. since 1898. It passed through various ownership over the years. The Simmons Co. held ownership of the stock from 1929 to 1935. Huntley furniture with a Simmons label was probably made during this period.

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