Bronze Helmet Inkwell


Antique Austro-Hungarian bronze helmet and breastplate inkwell with marble base; Victorian. The inkwell is hidden beneath the helmet. It may or may not have had a crystal or glass sleeve in the well. I have been searching thousands of images of ink wells from the 1800’s thru 1917, and I have not found anything like this. It may have also been used during the Civil War or the Spanish American War by two family members, and some served as diplomats. There is no hallmark that I have found. The metal is fastened with a threaded end that passes through the marble and has a square bolt to fasten it. The helmet has a double headed eagle, with each head having a crown, and both heads are crowned in the center by a larger crown. One claw holds a sword and the other a sphere with a crown and cross. There is a crest in the middle of the chest of the eagle. On top of the helmet is a “plume” with a lion on each side. The marble is old and has patina. This has been in my family from as far back as 1860 – present, and in Nashville, TN.

Dimensions: 3 1/4″ wide x 5″ long x 4″ tall
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