Antique (1890’s or early 1900’s) B&H Gnome Cast Iron Book Ends (set of 2)


Showcase T951 GasLamp TOO


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Absolutely charming bookends depicting woodland gnomes or elves miming the moral conduct of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, and think no evil. It is based on the old Japanese pictorial proverb which used monkeys as the figures. While today we more commonly express it as having just 3 cautions, the original Japanese itself sometimes included a 4th, “do no evil”, which here is rendered as “think.” The detail is incredible in the postures and expressions of the gnomes, the buttons in their clothing, and the mushroom that gives them shelter. Cast iron by Bradley Hubbard, their customary logo stamped in the backs.  These stand 5 1/2 inches tall; 4 inches wide; 2 1/4 inches deep. 

Some interesting details on the history of Bradley & Hubbard Manufacturing Company can be found here:

Showcase T951/T955 GasLamp TOO




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