Antique 1880’s Royal Satsuma Vase/ Water Ewer. Very rare collectible Japanese pottery, with stunning colors and hand painted detail.


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Antique Japanese Royal Satsuma Vase. 16″

In excellent condition, and looks stunning even though it is about 140 years old. A hard to find and collectible item. Colors are vibrant, with lots of gold. No chips.

Known for the mark upon the bottom as “Royal Satsuma” due to production in the royal province of Japan, which is characterized by the red clay used to make the pottery. It was highly glazed after painting with decoration. This piece is depicted was likely made in the 1880’s.

It was actually a water ewer, or pitcher used for washing your face, hands, etc …. similar to an American bowl and pitcher of the same period. The name of the pattern is from Shutsusan Workshop of the period … ” Royal Amarilla” … the fact is depicted in the mark, which was not used until after 1870.

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Showcase T951