By Karen Parr-Moody

Antiques enthusiasts continue to clamor for the beauty of mid-century modern furniture and lamps. These lean-lined styles tend to make a room seem more spacious due to their airy design. Bonus: The warm woods and natural textures of mid-century modern pieces keep a room’s color palette chilled out, yet never boring. By elegantly blending in mid-century modern pieces, a space is easily made to feel soft and luxurious.

These stunning mid-century modern lamps are from Brutalist school of design, which is known for its intensity. Emerging in the 1950s and flaming out in the 1970s, Brutalism birthed buildings made of reinforced concrete and steel, modular elements and geometric patterns. What makes the resulting décor items so appealing today is that graphic, hard-edged quality. However, in the case of these gorgeous lamps, the walnut frames add a sense of sleekness and warmth ($450 for the pair; Booth 325 at GasLamp One). Their plaster columns are made to look like chunky gold nuggets due to an antique gold finish.

Hand-crafted from the design studios of Jamas Creative, this lamp is infused with one-of-a-kind, mid-century modern style ($210; Booth B-305). It features a ceramic body with a textured white and gold finish that gives it a subtly metallic appearance. We love the details, such as the vintage-style cord with a built-in dimmer switch.

The American patio furniture maker, Woodard, introduced its iconic Sculptura chair in 1956, constructing a sculpted chair without using expensive molds. Wire chairs proliferated during this period due to emerging technologies and new materials. This chair, located in GasLamp Too, is an original Sculptura chair ($350; T-355). It belongs to the postwar design movement in which modern furniture took on organic shapes and become more comfortable for consumers.

What a statement piece! This cheery credenza made by Broyhill Premiere for the Chapter One line of furniture features ABS molded plastic drawer fronts to create a sleek design ($588, including mirror). Inspired by Raymond Loewy, this credenza could transform any room by acting as the focal point. We love the clean look of its original white Formica top and its plinth base.

Mid-century modern furniture abounds at GasLamp One and GasLamp Two. Designers, whether professional or “armchair” in nature, love this genre for its clean lines, expert craftsmanship and distinctive forms. If you’re in the market for this look, look no further than GasLamp.

All product photos by Karen Parr-Moody. Featured image by Skitterphoto from Pexels.