By Karen Parr-Moody

Christmas season lingers beyond the jangling of Santa’s sleigh bells. Sure, there’s the day after Thanksgiving for the early birds and Christmas Eve for the last-minute types, but afterward there are days of shopping forays fueled by post-Christmas cash.

Whether you seek some last-minute whimsy to place under the tree or have already giddily untied that first Christmas bow, GasLamp offers gifts that are grand enough for that highest of holidays.

Does someone on your gift list love modern decor? Consider gifting them with a polyresin balloon dog with an eye-catching metal finish. Such dogs are inspired by the playful “Balloon Dogs” sculptures released by artist Jeff Koons in 1993. Now among the most iconic works of contemporary art, these balloon dogs remind us of childhood. We love these smaller models that can be placed atop a stack of books in one’s home office or on a child’s nightstand.

An absolute must for a glamorous antiques collector? One of these vintage perfume bottles. The round one, made in Germany, is completely encased in a brass filigree jacket ($120; T-944 at GasLamp Too). Mounted on the front center of the bottle is a faceted aqua rhinestone surrounded by three smaller stones topped by olive branches.  There are two additional rhinestones mounted on the shoulders of the bottle; the capstone is an aqua rhinestone, as well. The smaller Czechoslovakian perfume bottle is encased in brass filigree and features pressed glass flowers in baby pink and blue ($80; T-944 at GasLamp Too).

This vintage punch bowl is a fab find for that hostess in your life: It has survived the decades complete with its pedestal, tray and 16 cups (currently 50 percent off, at $225, at T-361 at GasLamp Too). From Fostoria Glass Co., this set is from the company’s most successful glass pattern, American, which was produced continuously from its introduction in 1915 until the Moundsville, West Virginia, plant closed in 1986. The cube-like pattern is more than 100 years old, yet still looks modern. What a fabulous entertaining piece.

Cigarette smoking was never healthy and is no longer fashionable, but we enjoy finding new uses for the accoutrements once used in this age-old pursuit. Take, for example, this vintage Dresden porcelain cigarette frog ($74; T-2012). It’s a square ashtray in a lovely lilac shape. The top portion holds up to 19 cigarettes, but we prefer other uses. When placed on a dressing table, it can hold make-up pencils, lip brushes and hairpins.

Shivering one’s way through winter is far from fashionable. So, take that Christmas cash and plunk it down at the original GasLamp for this silver fox fur jacket ($398.95; B-210). This vintage coat will add glamour to any wardrobe with its soft and fluffy texture. This jacket has been kept well and will keep for several decades to come.

We love Christmas for its emphasis on gifting unselfishly and with exuberance. Before the season slips away, find new treasures at GasLamp for a loved one or yourself.


Header photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels; all other photos by Karen Parr-Moody.