By Karen Parr-Moody

We all have that lady in our lives the one who daren’t visit the mailbox without wearing lipstick, the one who started reading Vogue at age 7, the one who is never, ever under-dressed. While looking like the sitter in a Slim Aaron photo, she can simultaneously whip up a Michelin 3-star charcuterie board from the contents of her picnic basket. The universe is on her side and Diana Vreeland salutes her from beyond the veil.  

She conjures up aesthetic magic, but it doesn’t come naturally. She needs her stage props and a heaping dose of artifice. Where best to find such? At GasLamp, of course! Santa needs to visit, post haste, if he seeks a gift for her — especially during the holiday season, the best time to be showered with treasures. 


How does a glamour girl begin her day? With a spritz of eau de parfum, that’s how. Add to her vanity tray by gifting her with this vintage Lanvin atomizer that once held Arpège, the famous scent created in 1927 by perfumer André Fraysse for designer Jeanne Lanvin ($62; Showcase 228). The glossy black bottle is topped by the Art Deco logo of the French fashion house screened in metallic gold. The image was inspired by a 1907 photograph taken of Jeanne Lanvin as she attended a ball with her daughter, Marguerite, for whom Arpège was created as a gift to celebrate her 30th birthday. There’s nothing like an inimitable vintage bottle with a romantic history to dress up a boudoir. 

To be the best-dressed gal in town, a glamour girl needs a glitzed-out crossbody clutch like this one from Mary Frances ($149; B-228). Despite being a contemporary creation, the Mary Frances handbag line brings back the hand beading and embellishments more reminiscent of earlier eras. This clutch is embellished with hundreds of seed beads topped by clear and opaque crystals in sunny yellow.  

How a glamour girl loves traditional style with a twist, as seen in this gorgeous pearl necklace ($110; W-101). The form is big and bold, with layers of faux pearls creating a dramatic silhouette, yet the handiwork is delicate, with pearls attached by dainty filigree caps. It’s a stunning blend.


To keep a glamour girl happy, gift her with holiday-themed home products from Michel Design Works ($9.95, bar soap; $10.95, liquid soap). The top soap makers and fragrance houses in the world create the company’s triple-milled bar soaps and shea butter foaming soap. They look beautiful in a powder room and smell divine. Bonus: Wrapped in packaging inspired by French and English art from the 18th and 19th centuries, the holiday products feature poinsettias, nutcracker soldiers and peppermints in their designs.

Every glamour girl needs a Christmas tree as swanky as she is. Look no further: At the original GasLamp, Booth B-138 features ornaments that remind a glamour girl of her earthly aspirations, from an ocean liner to an antique car. No, it’s not the deed for a platinum mine, but what glamour doesn’t need a glitter-soaked reindeer on their Christmas tree?  Santa baby, you better hurry down the chimney tonight. 

Feature image by Elena Buzmakova from Pexels. All other photos by Karen Parr-Moody.