By Karen Parr-Moody

It’s time to invite some cherished friends over, light up the fire and curl up under blankets as you sip tea: This is how you invoke “hygge.” And what a prescription that is. Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”), translates from the Danish, roughly, as “coziness” and “well-being.” It is experienced via a slew of sensual components and philosophical ideas, with the foundation being community. Hygge encompasses warmth, safety, comfort and being with one’s tribe.

Joining this Danish movement is easy: You simply create a warm and charming atmosphere where friends gather for conversation, conviviality and living in the moment. The hygge fashion aesthetic emphasizes softness, with items such as cashmere turtlenecks and fleece-lined pants being de rigueur (purveyors can range from L.L. Bean to Missoni). For home décor, hygge is all about comfort and coziness. Think: Throws, pillows, wingback chairs with ottomans, candles, flannel sheets, a wood-burning fireplace and an enormous sectional.

At GasLamp, hygge can be found in virtually every booth right now, as the fall season has ushered in an array of harmonious furnishings and décor items, from Danish furniture made of honey-toned woods to the coziest of blankets. With the right lighting (just say “no” to fluorescent bulbs) and some winter fare (apple Danishes, anyone?), hygge can be yours.

For the full hygge experience, guests can curl up with this vintage Pendleton throw in a lounge chair while sipping mulled wine ($69; Booth B-208). These classic wool blankets have been made in Oregon since 1863 (their original woolen mills are among the few in operation in the United States today). Inspired by natural landmarks, such as Glacier Park, and the intricate patterns of Native American designs, Pendleton blankets are made of luxurious 100 percent pure virgin wool that is as light as air. This Pendleton blanket at GasLamp is woven in fabulous fall colors – brown, cream, saffron and caramel – that are easy to incorporate into this season’s décor.

A wingback chair fulfills the hygge vibe – especially if you add an ottoman. At the awesome GasLamp booth, The Urban Housewife, such comfy furniture is slathered in style via creative re-upholstering (follow on Instagram @TheUrban_Housewife). This Louis XI armchair has been freshly painted in cheery yellow and reupholstered with new foam seating ($259; Booth B-208). We love it paired with the mid-century modern style ottoman that has been re-upholstered in teal velvet ($95; Booth B-208).

Lifestyle expert Amy Montgomery has created a paradise of fluffy pillows at The Collected Nest in the original GasLamp. If you want your hygge served with a side of panache, then these pillows are the ticket. Priced from $59 to $74, they are crafted from unique fabrics gathered from the best fabric houses. To add some glamorous flair to the hygge vibe, we love the thought of mixing the pink floral pillows ($59) with the traditional leopard ($74).

Hygge isn’t all about the sensual; it is also about an eclectic, welcoming look. For that reason, we love the idea of incorporating this embroidered and beaded tapestry into one’s home décor ($1,200; Booth B-302). Whether it’s used as a wall hanging to make a large room look cozier, or for some other purpose, it is certainly one of a kind. It is from the storied Maharani Textiles & Handicrafts located in the bustling bazaar of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, in India. This hidden gem of the world fashion supplies fabrics to the international design houses Kenzo, Armani, Miu Miu and Prada.

A simple patchwork quilt is yet another way to invite hygge into your abode ($68; B-206). This vintage quilt, with its dainty hand-stitched squares, features an array of cozy fabrics, from cotton to velvet. It certainly belongs in a basket by a fire.

Autumn is a season that is inherently hygge. It’s the perfect time to feather your nest with cozy finds from GasLamp.

Header photo by Stella Rose on Unsplash