Help your dad get dapper this Father’s Day by giving him a retro gift. At GasLamp Antiques, various categories will reflect his personality, including art, office décor, vinyl records, souvenirs, fashion, and sports memorabilia. Vintage finds also make for great last-minute Father’s Day gifts because the options are virtually limitless.

My husband loves to golf and surf, and I can always find a themed gift in one of those categories at GasLamp. Recent examples of my recent GasLap finds include a vintage golf print and a painting of a Woodie station wagon topped by a surfboard. So, what does your dad like? Muse on his personality, then get inspired by these ideas.

If your dad loves deep-sea fishing, hails from the Boston area or is a fan of the book and film The Perfect Storm, consider this scrimshaw-etched faux whale tooth as a conversation piece for his office ($22; S-121). The Gloucester Fishermen’s Memorial in Massachusetts, replicated here in a detailed etching, honors those lost at sea from 1716 to 2001. The six-member captain and crew from the Andrea Gail, the fishing boat made famous in The Perfect Storm, are among the recently memorialized.

Every vinyl record collector needs a classic rock-and-roll album by Chuck Berry, one of the greatest hitmakers of all time ($44; Booth T-316). Perfect for high-fidelity dads, this seventh studio album by Berry, St. Louis to Liverpool: Compilation from 1957-1964, will infuse any party with dance-worthy beats. Music critic Dave Marsh named this album “one of the greatest rock-and-roll records ever made.” GasLamp also sells an array of vinyl records by other musical artists from days gone by.

Is Superman a favorite superhero for Dad? Planet Krypton’s most famous native son is artistically displayed in comic book strips covering this quirky end table ($45; T-912). Sealed for protection, the comic book illustrations convey scenes from Superman’s story that began in 1938, when his parents sent him to Earth in a tiny spaceship. This table is truly a one-of-a-kind Father’s Day gift for the dad who loves comics.

If your father is a fan of the sleek and chic, then these vintage stacking chairs need to be in his office or bonus room ($525 for a set of four; T-950). Made of a chrome tubular frame and a maple wood seat and back, these chairs were produced by Bernhardt, a fourth-generation furniture maker founded in North Carolina in 1889.

A classic hat can polish any outfit, and this vintage Dobbs Fifth Avenue fedora in beige suede is waiting to make an entrance (B-113). The Dobbs Fifth Avenue hat brand dates to 1908 and, over time, was housed in multiple addresses on Fifth Avenue in New York City. This hat reminds one of a fedora worn by a gentleman farmer as he roams the verdant countryside, looking vaguely rakish and perfectly unruffled. With a contrasting band wrapped around the bottom of the crown, it is the perfect punctuation for your dad’s ensemble.

The Eighties were a watch decade. It wasn’t enough to wear one Swatch watch – no, that wasn’t totally tubular – one had to slather ones’ forearms in multiple Swatches. These colorful rubber barnacles were just one more symptom of Eighties excess, but they weren’t alone. Watches were a big Eighties style statement that included his-and-her analog watches, as so chicly represented by this set, never used, from the Geneva Worldwide Exclusive Collection. Made of stainless steel, these watches retailed for $259.99 in the Eighties; GasLamp’s price is $89 (Booth B-204).

Shopping at GasLamp Antiques for Father’s Day will steer you away from typical gifts to one-of-a-kind finds. So, wow him with the unrivaled aesthetic of vintage gifts.

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash