When shopping for wedding gifts, be daring. Ban the basic. Sure, the happy couple has a registry that most people will follow, but close friends and family can give a more thoughtful gift. A vintage or antique present that has an unusual origin story will be memorable and different.

It’s high time to step away from mass-produced wedding gifts that anyone could buy for anyone. At GasLamp, you’ll find timeless and elegant wedding gifts in a range of eras and price points. You can gift the couple with something they wouldn’t have thought of but will nonetheless adore.

Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of vintage wedding gifts at GasLamp, from beautiful keepsakes to antique serving ware.

Marriage Symbol

This Capodimonte centerpiece has roots in Italian royalty.

Made in Italy by Regal Bassano, this hand-painted Capodimonte centerpiece features a pair of doves, a wedding symbol of peace and love ($259; Booth T-379). Decorated with pink and yellow flowers, this piece represents Italy’s fine art of porcelain manufacturing that dates to 1736, when the Capodimonte factory was founded at the royal court in Naples.

Made in Italy

This unusual “aquarium” sculpture was made on the Italian island of Murano.

This Murano glass “aquarium” is another beautiful keepsake that originated in Italy – on the Venetian island of Murano, world-renowned for its glass-making tradition ($399; Booth T-357). Murano artisans use two different glassblowing techniques to produce a glass aquarium, and the colors of the three-dimensional fish and marine life are always different. At 14 inches wide and 10 inches tall, this sought-after collectible makes a statement. (Bonus: It’s the perfect memento for couples who honeymoon in Venice or scuba dive as a hobby.)

Chic Barware

This Georges Briard pitcher is stylish and practical.

Georges Briard, a designer who enlivened the home furnishings industry, set the tone for glassware and barware from the 1950s to the 1970s. This pitcher is particularly rare and unusual ($178; Booth T-379). The image of a bird and sunshine adorns the clear glass vessel, which features a chrome cover that acts like a strainer and is attached to an ice chiller. It’s perfect for serving cocktails that are chilled but not diluted.

Champagne Toast

This set of 10 antique crystal champagne glasses will add to their clinking pleasure.

Voluptuous and sparkly, these antique crystal champagne glasses are designed in the coupe style, a broad-bowled shape on top of a thin stem ($150; Booth T-379). These are great for champagne sipping or as footed dessert dishes. What a touch of elegant nostalgia these cut crystal glasses, as a set of 10, will bring to some lucky couple.

Bohemian Crystal

Bohemian crystal is one of the Czech Republic’s most sought-after products.

This Bohemian lead crystal punch bowl with a ladle and 12 cups is a rare vintage treasure ($995; Booth T-162). It is marked “Ceska,” which is a brand of high-end Czechoslovakian crystal. Artisans blow and hand cut each piece of Bohemian lead crystal, adding sharp facets that increase the clarity and brightness of the glass so that the beautiful patterns sparkle. This heirloom-quality set is a worthy splurge for that special bride and groom.

When gifts are on the pricier side – as with the crystal punch bowl set – wedding guests can split the costs with other friends of the couple. Antique and vintage wedding gifts are worth the splurge; they are more unusual and unique than traditional essentials, which many couples already own. A vintage wedding gift, whether it is handcrafted or possesses an intriguing story, is a romantic gesture they won’t soon forget.

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Wijdan Mq for Unsplash.