Sweater weather banishes the balmy heat of summer while ushering in all forms of coziness. It gets us dreaming about candles, plaid blankets, fuzzy slippers, hot apple cider and sherpa-lined everything. Along with such material delights, autumn inspires us to feather our nests in tones of rust, amber and chocolate, colors that represent autumn’s fading natural colors as the trees drift off to sleep.

At GasLamp, autumn décor arrives to satisfy tastes from naturalistic (pumpkins, gourds and wheat) to resplendent (velvet, fur and cashmere). Fall’s textures rival those of any season. And since fall is especially suited for the rusticity of vintage finds, a trip to GasLamp can help anyone heighten their home’s atmosphere with fall decorations and décor.

Fall Décor for the Table

Vintage brooches create this glittery pumpkin.

This DIY Halloween pumpkin is the most glorious find in the pumpkin patch! An artisan slathered this pumpkin shape in vintage Halloween brooches for a glistening display ($150; Booth B-228). Several vintage cameos that feature white figures against orange backgrounds are affixed among the dozens of vintage brooches that make up this Halloween pumpkin. Owls, pumpkins and flowers are among the other brooch motifs. The pumpkin’s stem is trimmed in green floral pins and ends in a dramatic teardrop-shaped faux pearl. It’s the perfect gift for any stylish witch you might happen to know.

Folk Symbolism in a Broom

This sheaf of wheat has a history.

Traditionally, a broom brings good luck when hung upside-down in a home; the long-held notion is that it sweeps away negative energy and generally protects the dwelling. This particular “broom” at GasLamp Antiques is a sheaf of wheat tied neatly with a black bow and finished with a jute-wrapped handle ($15; Booth B-103). The decorative broom is made of the natural fibers that speak of autumn, and – just in time for Halloween decorating – the broom reminds us of the folklore that associates brooms with witches. But the broom also functions as a baking tester instead of toothpicks: Hang it beside your oven and break off a piece of wheat to test the doneness of everything you bake. How clever is that?

A Bolivian Bowler

Indigenous Bolivian women wear such traditional bowlers.

Fashioned from a favorite fall fabric, felted wool, this vintage hat will stylishly top off autumnal outfits ($39; Booth T-206). This South American bowler hat, trimmed with a metal buckle and ribbon detail, is traditionally worn by cholitas, the indigenous women of Bolivia. Cholitas can be seen shopping in Bolivian markets, where they pair these bowlers with colorful shawls, traditional skirts with layers of petticoats, braided hair tied with beads, and long woolen socks. It’s a fashion ensemble in which the bowler hat represents the national pride of Bolivia.

An Atomic-Age Pitcher

This ball pitcher is perfect for fall.

A “ball” pitcher is a style that every self-respecting mid-century modern fan should have in their kitchen. (That’s an order.) Such silhouettes were icons of a golden age of American pottery when space-age and geometric shapes inspired the design of furniture and home goods ($36; Booth T-135). This ball pitcher is perfect for an autumn table, as it can serve martinis on Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Bonus: Think of the floral arrangement possibilities! A mélange of orange roses, yellow sunflowers, purple statice and rust calla lilies would fill it grandly. Styled with such an autumnal floral arrangement, this ball pitcher would be a gorgeous centerpiece for a Halloween party or Thanksgiving dinner.

A Fall Centerpiece of Pears

Stuff pears are multipurpose items.

The charm of fall DIY décor infuses these stuffed pears ($10 each; Booth T-161). Perfect for farmhouse style, these pears were sewn from fabric and feature rustic flourishes (their stems are actual stems). These pears are multipurpose items for fall decorations; you can use them as fall décor, from the front porch to the dining room.

Fall is a time of transition during which we take a collective breath of crisp, cool air and anticipate plump turkeys, spooky witches and pumpkin pie made from old family recipes. Football is on the TV, something good is cooking in the oven, and everything seems A-OK. Decorating in vintage style enhances what is already a glorious experience in watching fall unfold.

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by @sixteenmilesout for Unsplash.