The halls of GasLamp are embellished for every holiday, including the summer ones of Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Such summer holidays, celebrated with parades, fireworks and sparklers, bring out the fancy. And summer’s patriotic color palette of red, white and blue looks crisp and glam in the sunlight.

At GasLamp, there are many red, white and blue finds to bedazzle any barbeque, from vintage fashions to antique Americana. Celebrate in style by displaying an American flag, donning a red dress, and setting tables with patriotic paraphernalia.

Handmade Flag

A marquetry flag infuses a room with subtle patriotism.

The American flag is the starting point for Fourth of July decorations (and patriotic décor in general). This handmade marquetry flag is unique in that it isn’t red, white and blue, but instead is crafted from various woods that mimic those colors ($169; Booth T-111). The “red” stripes are cherry wood, and the “white” stripes are light-colored maple. This is a fine example of multi-wood marquetry used in an inlaid design. 

Antique Americana

This rare pencil box was once used by a Victorian or Edwardian student.

This patriotic pencil box, a rarity in the antique market, was produced in Germany between 1895 and 1915, then shipped to New York City stationery stores ($199; Booth T-379). Even rarer, the box retains the original lock, key and ruler. Such wooden pencil boxes were standard in the late Victorian and early Edwardian eras, as students carefully guarded their expensive pens and pencils, but few boxes have survived intact.

The lid’s scenic label features the New York City harbor in the background (look carefully to see the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the island of Manhattan). In the foreground, two American flags, a world globe and an anchor surround a bald eagle. Such pencil cases would have cost about .10 cents new and were marketed as gifts for studious children. It is a rare piece of Americana that could be displayed in the home or used as décor for a Fourth of July party. It would also be a unique gift for a Marine, as the label’s symbols of eagle, globe and anchor also belong to the U.S. Marine Corps.

Retro Industrial Chic

The cart’s satin finish complements the royal blue paint.

A drink cart is always welcome at a party, patriotic or not. Since this vintage cart is royal blue, it fits in with the patriotic color palette while serving up some midcentury-modern style ($195; Booth T-188). It features a drawer and wheels, making it a stylish and practical piece to have on hand.

Midcentury Modern Bar Accessory

This racy red ice bucket serves many holidays.

This vintage red ice bucket is perfect for entertaining – particularly on the Fourth of July – and would be an excellent addition to any midcentury-modern bar ($12; Booth T-254).  In exuberant, glossy red, this ice bucket fits into the red, white and blue tones of summer holidays, and later it will work for Christmas entertaining.

Playful Apron

The apron celebrates summer’s iconic fruit.

Watermelon is summer’s favorite fruit, so why not wrap yourself up in one via this watermelon-motif apron? Made of a supersized watermelon print, this apron is trimmed in charming green plaid ($24; Booth-B166). Whether you’re grilling outdoors or hosting a potluck, this apron will make a splash.

Hot, Haute Handbag

It’s more practical than a wristlet, more fashionable than a tote bag: Meet the crossbody. This vintage crossbody in navy blue is trimmed with woven red-and-white vinyl ($20; Booth T-188). What a chic accessory to wear with summer whites: Imagine it paired with a billowy white caftan on the Fourth of July.  

Red, white and blue can be used together exclusively, as with an American flag or items of antique Americana. Other colors, such as brown, can complement the palette (chocolate brown, cherry red, white and sky blue are delicious together). So, put yourself in a festive and summery mood, then shop at GasLamp for vintage finds that will summon a holiday vibe.

Product photos by David Wariner. Header photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash