By Karen Parr-Moody

Lights, Santa, action: For those who decorate for Christmas, there can never be enough drama-inducing decorations. More is always more! During the holidays, GasLamp One and GasLamp Too overflow with the cheeriest vintage and handmade decorations one can find, so seek and ye shall find. 

There’s nothing like a yard as bright and sparkly as a Christmas tree – and who doesn’t love some bold kitsch on display? That’s what you’ll get with this vintage, 11-piece, blow-mold nativity set from GasLamp Too ($688). The figures include Mary, Joseph, Jesus, three wise men, a camel, a cow, a donkey, a lamb and a cradle. The tallest figure is a 48-inch-tall wise man. These figures come with working light cords to illuminate their amazingly vivid colors. Bonus: Each wise man has a faceted gemstone in his turban – and one is wearing gemstone earrings.

How awesome this Christmas tree sculpture in a gilt frame? Crafted from pieces of vintage jewelry by one of GasLamp’s antique dealers, Carolyn Rando, this piece of handiwork is resplendent as décor – and would make an epic Christmas gift for that vintage fan in your life ($125; B-228).

Nashville native Jason Parker Counce, whose Pumpkin’ Head Dolls landed in the Museum of American Folk Art, has been creating whimsical Santa figures for years. Every Santa begins when Counce hand sculpts a face and then paints it. He then moves to the process of making the body, followed by the coat. That cozy garment is a wonder of design that Counce festoons with vintage ornaments and charming finds. This “Peppermint Santa” wears a red velvet coat with real fur trim (originally $150, but on sale for $85 at T-515).

Folks of “a certain age” will fondly remember the ceramic, pre-lit Christmas trees that decorated homes in days gone by. While these are usually on the smaller side, there’s an extra-large one at GasLamp Too that is perfect for the enthusiastic decorator ($245; Booth T-101). This one can jump-start your collection, then you can add smaller ones, also found at GasLamp.

Get glitzy by hanging a big metallic star – or two or three – here, there and everywhere. GasLamp Too Booth T-362 offers a selection of these in red, silver and gold and in three sizes (from $22 to $49, depending on size).

Whether you pose elves on the shelves or enjoy some other family tradition, a visit to GasLamp will add to your coterie of Christmas decorating finds. And if you’re too busy to make it to one of the stores, just call 615-297-2224 or 615-292-2250 to purchase your goodies, then pick them up at your convenience. Both stores accept orders over the phone (and they offer layaway)!

Header photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash; all other photos by Karen Parr-Moody.