Letter from the Editor

We welcome you to GasLamp's Design Elements


If you have never been in the store, we invite you. For those who cannot come, we try to bring a little of the flavor of the mall to you each week with new features. We keep the older articles here so you can enjoy reading what came before.


Our set-up is sort of like a little town with many small stores for you to shop and lots of friendly sharing of knowledge and experiences which we hope will spark new thoughts and ideas in you. We all enjoy playing in the various venues of our "town."


The Design Elements is an interactive magazine in which we encourage you to participate with your thoughts on our Forum, Questions, shopping in our store or on-line in the website, or sending your ideas to broaden the magazine. We get such a kick out of hearing from you!


We have gotten to know many who shop in our physical store regularly and look forward to making new friends through this medium. Thank you for joining us.



Lauren Holcomb Bugg

Publisher Design Elements



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