More than 300 vendors, 50,000 sq feet of climate-controlled space



Where are you located?

We are located in the Berry Hill / 100 Oaks area of Nashville Tennessee, close to the I-65 interstate.  Our original location is at 100 Powell Place, across from the Vanderbilt 100 Oaks Health Center, adjacent to Home Depot, on the second floor of the Staples buidling.  Our second location, GasLamp Too, is located down at the end of the same street at 128 Powell Place. Need directions?  Original GasLamp Antiques 615-297-2224 , GasLamp Too 615-292-2250.


 I saw an item in one of the dealer photos I wish to buy, what do I do?

Call  us for item availability and price. Please include the booth or showcase number where you saw the item on our website and a good description of the item. You can phone us at 615-297-2224 for Original GasLamp, 615-292-2250 for GasLamp Too


Do you ship items?

Absolutely ! We use the US postal service, UPS, and can arrange for large furniture through Craters & Freighters. All items are shipped with insurance. On large items you may also arrange for your own pick up.


How do I buy an item I saw in the “shopping” section?

Phone us at 615-297-2224 for items in Original GasLamp, or 615-292-2250 for GasLamp Too to place your order, using the item number and description.


Can I buy items on this website in your store in Nashville?

Yes, all dealer booths and showcase photos are taken of merchandise  in our store.


What are your store hours in Nashville Tennessee?

We are open 6 days a week from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. and Noon to 6 P.M. on Sundays.  We close only on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter and Thanksgiving


 Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately we do not, all our items belong to over 300 different dealers, so items bought in our store in Nashville or through the internet are not returnable.


What if I need more information about an item I see on this site?

Email us or phone with the item number, booth or dealer number and description of the item, we will be glad to help you.


Do you accept new dealers?

Anyone wishing a space in our shop in Nashville can submit an application in person or by mail. Only dealers that are actually in our shop may participate in our internet store.


I want to know the value of an item I own, do you do appraisals?

No, we do not do appraisals either in our store or over the internet.


I have items I want to sell, will you buy them?

We do not buy items for sale over the internet, and highly discourage them being brought to our store.


Are all the items I see in a dealer booth or showcase photo available for sale?

At any time more than 90% would be; we try to take fresh photos weekly so only very recently sold items may still appear in the photos. See “How do I buy” above.


Where are you located in Nashville Tennessee?

We are located in the southern part of Davidson County, in the 100 Oaks / Berry Hill area. See our home page for map.


Do you have layaways?

We do offer layaway in our Nashville store on items over 300.00.